The Chains of Enchantment – Magical powers beyond your wildest dreams

[Game] The Chains of Enchantment – Romance you Choose

The Chains of Enchantment  You were living a peaceful life with your father, Glen, and your rebellious younger brother, Dean.

But all of that is destroyed when you’re attacked by a beautiful, but evil witch known as Ramza! Just when you thought it was the end of the line for you, two handsome agents named Spencer and Bradley come to your rescue! They say they were sent here by the Magical Crime Bureau to protect you and before you have a chance to ask more, you’re taken to Bradley’s mansion!

There you learn that you aren’t related by blood to your father or brother and are actually the heir to the Sinclair family, the magical world’s most powerful and influential family! With magical powers beyond your wildest dreams suddenly at your fingertips, will you be able to conquer Ramza’s organization known as Belladonna? Or will you let your powers consume you…?

The answers lie in the enchanted bonds that you share with your new allies…


An agent of the Crime Bureau, Spencer is a man of few words and rarely breaks his poker face, but is a kindhearted man deep down. He’s a gentle teacher when it comes to the art of magic, unlike the spartan-like Bradley! You slowly grow closer to him through your magical lessons and eventually become infatuated with his mysterious ways.

I don’t know who I truly am…

Will you be the one to give an answer to his eternal question?

Bradley is an alpha male through and through that enjoys nothing more than to toy with you. But every once in a while, you get a glimpse of the gentleman that lies beneath the surface. He joined the Crime Bureau to settle a score and you sense his resolve is fueled by a troubled past.

Deep down, I know that I’m the one that’s guilty. It’s all my fault.

Will you be the one to patch the gaping hole in his heart?

You’ve grown up your entire life with Dean by your side. Terse at times, but tender deep down, he’s always been your cute little brother… Or so you thought. The night you’re attacked by Ramza, you learn that he’s not really your brother. Even if blood doesn’t tie the two of you together, he’s always got your back. However, he suddenly confesses his feelings for you.

I’ve always loved you. I’ve always seen you as more than just a sister.

How will you respond to him?

The Chains of Enchantment user reviews :

I love the game and all but i just can’t get over the amount of gems you have to spend in the game, i hope atleast it’ll be lower. I love the Mc, she isn’t annoying,stubborn & ‘thirsty’ i like how she’s smart,confident,& understanding. I also love the characters designs, I’m looking forward to your upcoming games.

I love every single Genius Inc. game, the stories are very different, interesting, and engaging. But I feel as if the token to gem thing was just to stop people from talking about the fact that the best way to get them is to buy them, you’d have to do minigames for days to choose one special option. Also, I’m getting same character syndrome vibes from the characters lately, the guy in the thumbnail looks like the one in Lethal Engagements and several other characters look too much alike.

The story is great like all other games Genuis inc has made. The characters are all lovely in there ways! Tough I hae noticed that the aplication backgroung is similar to Lethal Engament’s. I wish there a season 2.

I havent even played it yet and im already giving it stars this is my first time leaving a review and i was so excited when i found this new game the characters seen familiar like that white haired guy looks like wade from twillight school and the rest are also the same but nevertheless i am so glad they have a new game i never get tired of playing them thank you so much for creating a new game i look forward to more of your future games in the future.

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