The Fifth ARK – Take back the last remaining cities from the undead

[Game] The Fifth ARK

The Fifth ARK  The Fifth ARK is an action RPG shoot ’em up set in a post-apocalyptic world.

A sudden zombie outbreak has swept across the world and wiped out most of civilization. The few that survived this Day of Reckoning are organizing to fight off the zombie hordes and rebuild society. As the commander of an elite force of heroes, you must take back the last remaining cities from the undead and rogue factions while uncovering the truth of what happened. Recruit a wide variety of heroes ranging from elite government agents to battle-hardened vets, and make your perfect squad of zombie slayers. Join Alliances and battle over cities, or experience the thrill of slaying zombies solo while cruising the wasteland. How will you fight for tomorrow?

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The Fifth ARK user reviews :

The art is impressive. The gameplay are suppose to be fun. But those pesky rescue npc mission are just dumb. Especially when the npc is dumb and weak af. Thank Google. you put those mission early so i can drop early too. Could have play longer if those rescue mission is not there. Or at least make the npc cannot be targeted. I can foreseen myself get irritated in future missions. Sorry. I just cant.
  • Dear Commander, we have recorded your valuable comment and suggestions and will continue to optimize the gaming experience in future updates.
There was supposed to be a 7 say login where I get a good hero on the 7th day but it disappeared when I was about to have it on the 7th day…..also, game is as basic as it can be. There’s nothing new about the style so it gets boring as you go further and heroes are not easy to obtain and improve. You have to spend money or a huge amount of time if you’re a f2p player……
  • Dear Commander, sorry for that. I have contracted you to ask for you ID and server in the discord, and we can fix it as soon as possible. Hope you can come back and keep enjoying the game.
Its p2w trash. Also the incomplete game keeps telling me to upgrade the command center even though the game provides no way to do that. You enter the ark hall just to be met with a whole lot of nothing & an incomplete game constantly trying to get you to upgrade things that you can’t. I would highly recommend avoiding this game altogether.
  • Dear commander, sorry for the inconvenience we caused. we’ve identified your problem and we have figured it out. Please try again after relog-in, if there’s still problem, please contact us.
need more mods on your discord to report bugs and also facebook needs to reply bugs its harder for players to reach out when so many bugs happening right now following up in a quest. Dark Iron legion chapter 2: enhance any hero to 3 star mission is bug in hkt-s6. another addition to the submitting a ticket there is no hkt-s5 and hkt-s6 to if some players from those servers wants to submit a ticket. all in all gameplay is good there some tweaks needs to be done. and i hope these bugs will be fix.
  • Dear player,we apologize for any inconvenience. We’ve identified your problem and we have figured it out. Try again after relog-in, if there’s still problem there,please report in a new ticket. Thanks for your support.
Never have i seen odds of getting a character, not even a rare character, so low. Every gatcha i have played is one character per 10 pull, which you get about 10-20pulls for starting the game. The rates are just poor, no wonder this game is a 3.5.
  • Dear player, we’re so sorry that your experience did not match your expectations. We will submit your feedback to the relevant department for further improve our game experience. The recruitment will keep optimizing to improve the experience for players.
2 star.. i like the game play but the pvp.. only 40sec and you lose if you didn’t kill the opponent even if your stronger.. maybe make the PVP time longer or make it u till one is down.. lol..
  • Dear player, I apologize for the inconvenience encountered. Our game is in beta version and we keep collecting the feedback from player to improve the gaming experience. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to contact us via FB.
Pls fix chapter 2 quest where you enhance any hero to 3 stars. I message your fb page for 3 days and still got no answer. Prolly need to change the admin on your fb page, or might as well deactivate it, its useless anyway,
  • Dear player,we apologize for any inconvenience. We’ve identified your problem and we have figured it out. Try again after relog-in, if there’s still problem there,please report in a new ticket. Thanks for your support.

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