The Last Ninja Origin – Watch mysteries unfold before your very eyes

[Game] The Last Ninja Origin – Shinobi Heroes

The Last Ninja Origin  Superhot Ninja card-based hang-up mobile game, a new adventure in Ninja World is waiting for you!

Enter the incredible, vibrant world of Ninjas, and watch mysteries unfold before your very eyes.
Join now and get KKK Hero as your first Summon!

Content updates
Welcome to a brand new version of “The Last Ninja: Origin”, let’s see what’s new:

1. Rich events, faster to obtain resources, and get more stamina for free every day
2. Daily gift pack updates, universal shards, and red gears are waiting for you.
3. Daily First Top-up rewards have been greatly increased, you can get an extra 10*summon tickets from it.
4. Stay online for 240 minutes to get 10*summon tickets
5. You can get up to 400 hero shards for free from Happy Dice.
6. New update for Server Opening Value Pack, you can choose your own hero shards.
7. Share to get 10*summon tickets, and join our group for a luxury gift pack.

Game Story
The ancient Ninjutsu Scroll is the highest ancient books on phantom gods and ninjutsu. It is said that the winner will surpass the Six Paths Yang Power and rule the Seven Metaphys to forever rule the world!

The Wan Valley, because of the remains of the ancient scrolls, has been peeped by multiple forces. Later, because of the betrayal of the Celestial Realm, the seventh generation leader, the Wan Valley fell apart and was destroyed by the Royal Court, the missing chapters were also gone! After clearing the royal power of Wan Valley, the rule of the Royal court is even darker…… The cruel hegemony led to the rebellion of Admiral Sonic and lead a revolutionary army.

Soon after, the Ninth Prince of Northern Snow Capital also holds his own weight, the world is in chaos! As the various forces intertwined, the power of the ancients burst out quietly…

Game Features

Strategic RPG, build your strongest ninja team
Summon your own Ninja heroes with outstanding skills and set out on a grand adventure! Different line-up have different effects, come to assemble the greatest team

Rich event and flexible gameplay
Increase your level to unlock more events, Clan SLG, Ninja expedition, cross-server rank match…Rich rewards are waiting for you.

The cross-server battle, Real-time PVP Raid
Real-time Raid, use various tactics to defeat the boss with other summoners.

An Auditory and Visual Feast
Hundreds of Classic Japanese Ninja Hero features many of Japan’s top voice actors, provides a lush soundscape to transport players deep into the mysteries of ancient Japan, begin your legendary journey through a Japanese-style fantasy RPG.

Simple idling to get rich rewards
Get free gift every day, free skin for 7-day login, install for free gift code; Offline idling to get rewards. A real F2P RPG.

About us:

The Last Ninja Origin user reviews :

Really enjoy this game … spent some dollars but really didn’t need to I guess, just made things go a bit faster. love the characters. Some of the events don’t work yet it seems but when they do I’m sire they will only add to my experience. So far solid game.

Absolutely excited to get into this game! Of all the similar games I’ve tried, this one pulled me in, fast! Packs and a dozen other 0.99¢ buys to hell fulfill ANY part of the game you feel needs more of something specific to progress! Great game, Des! Looking forward to seeing more soon. . Happy Hunting everyone!

Geared toward paying players, but if you got a few dollars to drop here and there, start playing. Otherwise, save up and participate on some events here and there. F2P is decent too. I play F2P on one server and pay on another.

Will give better star rating when you fix game and reimburse for lost rewards and monthly cards, exc. Game has not reset in 2 weeks. Please fix this. I really enjoy playing, but it’s aggravating when game hasn’t reset. Please fix and Thank You.

This game is hard to put down. There’s a lot to do and very f2p friendly. A lot of deals are $1 and you usually get a lot for it too, so it’s totally worth it if you contribute a bit. I hope that they collapse more servers to increase server population.

A must try!!! Addictive and you have always something to do. Not like other games, you’ll play for an hour and logout for another hour or so to gather your farming. Give this game a try. You won’t regret it…

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