The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Fight hordes of powerful monsters

[Game] The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic LootThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot : Loot big, or die trying!

Fight hordes of powerful monsters and take from them what’s rightfully NOT yours in this intense and stylistic Hack’n’Slash adventure! It’s all for the loot, so begin your quest to become the mightiest of them all!

Experience wild brawls at a frenzied pace!
Hack through hordes of beasts, angry wizards, fearsome warriors, and the occasional creepy crawly!
Learn to counter each monster’s powers and fighting style to best crush your foes.
Will you be brave enough to vanquish the final Keeper of each castle?
One thumb gameplay – Pick up and fight instantly and easily!

Destroy your foes, loot castles and amass gold… Like a boss!
Enhance your hero by looting epic weapons, awesome armors and legendary artefacts.
Test your skills in ruthless events to loot the best gear in town from crazy events with unique gameplay.
Roast your foes in Fire Fever, dodge flying rocks in Meteor Smash and defeat the Curse of Blood in special events!

Upgrade, fuse and empower your gear to improve your stats and kick some monster butt.
Boost the mighty power of your equipment with ancient runes, relics and blessings.
Fight after fight, unlock new formidable skills, level up your powers and unleash devastating abilities.
Crush rogue cyclops in Rage Mode, dissolve banshees with Corrosive Splash and hack a gang of skeletons into pieces with Whirlfury!
Learn the tricks and traps of each castle and become part of the legend!

Learn of a whole new story set in the Mighty Quest universe!
Attain glory, find the Epic Loot, defeat your foes and become the new Looter King!
Dive into the Mighty Quest universe thanks to mind-blowing animations and striking visual effects.
Discover a vivid world of floating castles, from the abyss of the diablo dungeon to the hidden secrets of a rogue pirate ship.

Break into dungeons to hack, slash and eradicate goblins, skeletons, banshees and all kinds of creatures. Forget revenge, glory and princess rescue missions: it’s only for the loot, an epic quest to become the mightiest and most legendary of all!

This game is free-to-download but some game items may be purchased for real money. You can choose to disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
A network connection is required to play.

Woah! I’ve talked way too much now! It’s time to go loot some castles and claim your riches! Draw your sword and get out of this description!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot user reviews :

So been playing this game since like 3 months after the release and I just loved it since the beginning, but lost my account later on and stopped playing for awhile. Then I got back onto it like in the past month and must say that the game has been improved alot, but I have been finding it hard to find Fusion orbs and that has been kinda of putting cause I can’t really upgrade my gear. I remember the game having a Fusion Orb chest and that was really good in getting orbs, but ngl game is good.
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Hello! Thank you for your opinions and suggestions. We will make sure these are passed to the team.
Game is pretty good, I got a new phone and cannot find a way to transfer over my progress since the game doesn’t back up to the cloud yet. Bugs: Hard 9-1 takes energy but will not attempt to load. 6Star hexagon rune only drops poison resistance Rune
  • Ubisoft EntertainmentAugust 28, 2018
  • Hey there Jamie, don’t worry, we can help you to recover your progress on your new device. Please send us a private message on Facebook: We’ll check this out for you. Also thanks for reporting these bugs. I’ve transferred the message to our dev team
I really like the game, itemization isn’t that bad and doesn’t twist your hand too much to spend real money. Unfortunately my game crashed on opening a chest and now I’m stuck on the looting screen without being able to leave or loot.
  • Ubisoft EntertainmentAugust 10, 2018
  • Hey there Simon, great to hear that you like Mighty Quest! We’re sorry to learn that you’ve encountered this bug with your chest. We have identified the issue and just released a patch to fix it. Please let us know if you are still unable to connect.

Last Update :


As the last of the snow is melting away, Opulencia in going under a bit of spring cleaning with a new update with lots of quality of life changes!

This update includes:
Rebalancing of Hall of Loot’s Permabonus
Rework of UI on the Kingdom & Vault
A lot of bug fixes including Rerolls & Blessings
Change in rune & vault sorting

As a new host is profiling ahead, time to sharpen that sword of yours
Lord McBucket

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