The Vampire House – Experience a world filled with monsters

[Game] The Vampire House

The Vampire House  Human/monster romance at its finest!

Overcome species diversity. Meet new and exciting creatures. Learn to cast spells. Train to fight monsters. Study to improve your grades in school!

Experience a world filled with monsters.
Study an occult text.
Romance various monsters and demons.
Develop your athletic prowess, or become a bookworm.

The Vampire House user reviews :

An amazing game, to put it simply. I really loved it and recommend it to others. One of the best Hosted Games’s CYOA and in general CYOA that I have played. Just that a lot of questions are unanswered at the end-the black book, the killer, the runic magic, B’s identity. And the study and other stats don’t have any actual job at the end. Except that, everything else is awesome. Eagerly waiting to see a book 2 of this.

I very much enjoyed it, though it was a disappointment the story just ended!? Literally out of nowhere, it was like all the questions that had risen throughout the story were unanswered! No meaning behind the black book No further meaning behind the villain No further meaning behind the gate and the sandbox And I grinded so much on studies, exercise and reading thinking it would all lead to something but it didn’t!?! Story is SOOO incomplete

I like the story and it gets pretty interesting with all the people you can spend time with. I find the awkward teen stuff such as suggesting someone dates someone or school gossip is pretty entertaining so keep that up! However…. I am pretty disappointed with the random ending as most people seem to be. It doesn’t even make sense like it just ends without any conclusions for anything pretty much so please finish the story or make a book two that also has the ad option thank you

Interesting story, but the endings were so abrupt and felt rushed. Id been really careful about building up my stats, which affect literally nothing, and making good choices for the characters and was hoping to have a satisfying ending to make up for the lack of story between the characters: but no. I’m really bummed. If the stats are implemented and the endings are extended this would be a great story.

It was really great and easy to get a firm grasp. Also the story could use a bit more , the ending with Elizabeth it was somewhat thrilling. My complaint on this game was that it was bit too short. Other than that it was great nonetheless.

Let me get this out first. Great story, one of the best out of all the choice games I’ve read, in fact. I love the narrative, it has simple language that is appropriate for a high-school teenager to narrate. There’s the usual typos here and there, but it doesn’t change the wholesome experience of the story. The only thing I criticize is the sudden ending. I was hoping for more, after the heartwarming romance scene in the end. I hope you release a sequel for this. Great experience overall.

At first I didn’t really like it but as the story goes on- GOSH I WAS FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEM! This is so interesting and fun to read, all you have is your imagination and reading comprehension to lead you Highly recommended to those who like reading and some romance  Damien is my favorite

I would have given this 5 stars but there are too many spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. And the worst part is the ending like seriously you could have at least added the halloween party and what about the killer!? i finished it one day! It’s way too short. But I liked the basic idea

This books are great! Please add book 1 if there are multiple books or will be multiple books. Getting kind of frustrating playing and then the story end in the middle of things without a real ending to the first book.

I really liked the characters and the plot, the world was very cool. But the ending is such a disappointment. It was a great start, but It ended quickly and left so many things unsaid. I didn’t even have an ending, since I didn’t get all the 6 events for one specific character. I actually thought the story would continue, since we still don’t even know who were the people that set fire to the library. What’s the point of the skills? What even was that golem thing? I’m hoping for a continuation

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