The Wanderer – How many days can you last

[Game] The Wanderer – A Post-Apocalyptic Survival

The Wanderer  Wander the harsh wasteland as one of the last remaining survivors searching for supplies and battling any unwanted visitors in this Fallout’ inspired idle text-based post-apocalyptic adventure survival game.

Gather supplies from Canned Food to Rare Candy as well as improving your gear.

Trade your Caps with a local trader
Craft items for exploration
Look after a Pet
Speculate on the supplies you have against the dangers of the wasteland
Increase your camp level and increase your overall storage capacity.
Find all the missing Camper Van parts and use it to travel the world map a lot quicker
Make tough decisions which could affect your Karma and leave you with the outcome
Fight off bandits in a stats based combat system
Tap Tap Tap away and see how many days can you last?
Good Luck Wanderer!

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Music by Tomáš Dvořák – Planina

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The Wanderer user reviews :

Really nice! Well balanced, you could pay to get progress but you also really can do without. Bravo, this is a great game! Updated regularly too. I have a small note on the last update: I liked the old music a lot better, maybe it is an option to play one track at travel times, and the other when in a building? I also think the UI got a bit more confusing, but maybe I got to get used to the new one.

Loving the game. Wasn’t able to buy a backpack upgrade because I had to much stuff so that was kinda lame but all around good game. Update: the game updates keep changing the game a lot. Some aspects are good and some are terrible (like changing the original music). But the most recent update made the game unplayable. Ruined my inventory, options keep glitching and jumping, can’t do anything. The original game was great but I think I’m done with this one.

I like the gameplay; it’s a bit derived from the Fallout games and extremely simple but a nice time-killer. However, I’ve had to stop playing because of a glitch: I’ve found everything but the tires for the van, and I’ve searched all over the map for them but they’re not turning up. No gas at the gas stations I visit, either.

Really entertaining, I’m the kind to get bored at a game after days but this one has me going. The graphics are ok, I mean, pixels are it’s style after all but personally not my cup of tea. I’ve got a question about the dog? How do you heal your pet, I currently see no options. Also I suggest that the dog could possible housesit as real dogs do?? And you have to return at a certain time or they die. I also think having a human comrade sounds like a good idea.. Not forcin, just suggestin

I’ve been having a blast so far. My biggest challenge is probably inventory management since I keep getting crafting items but can’t do anything with them cause I can’t get enough metal to upgrade the crafting table to do make enough else. I’m at level 17 or 18 right now and try to explore a ton, is metal suppose to be this difficult to get?

Pretty good game to go through if you’re a fan of Fallout and similar titles. A bit grindy but the battle system is executed quite well. Main complaints were how steep some of the upgrade costs become and at level 21 I just…stopped gaining xp and somehow built up a negative xp bar? Dunno if that’s supposed to be a cap or not. Either way, I’ll stick around for future updates.
  • JmPrsh
  • I believe the negative xp bar is fixed in the latest version? I will be continously working on improvements

Pretty awesome, kinda feels like a pocket fallout tbh. Combat is nice, but more weapon variety would be kinda cool. Overall I’ve really enjoyed the time i put into this game. I’d personally rate is a solid 4.5 but since that’s not an option, 5 stars will have to do. Thank you for making this dope game

In all honesty this game is pretty good as far as text based games go. Wish there was a bit more crafting and a few more items and more building types etc, and just a bit more depth. I dont mean that negatively, as i do like the game, just for a more fleshed out experience all in all good job! EDIT: things have been improved upon since original posting, im partway to getting my more fleshed out game! Cheers!

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