Throne of the Chosen – Explore your own romance

[Game] Throne of the Chosen – King’s Gambit

Throne of the Chosen  Build the great empire and explore your own romance to win her heart and love.

Throne of the Chosen is a simulation RPG game in which you can collect followers and have romance with all kinds of beautiful ladies from ancient Greek Mythology & European history. As the king of Troy, you are given the power to manage the city and build it to a great empire to save the world from war. Use your wisdom and show your charm to recruit historical followers from all over the world like sultans and Vikings. Judge their destiny and be the legend! Date with beauties and train your heir to power up! Involve in the game of king and beat them to be the greatest emperor or empress ever!

To be ever-victorious, or be all-knowing – which will you choose?

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Key Features:

Carefully Carved Characters
Involving ancient Greek Mythology & European history, all characters are carefully carved to bring visual enjoyment.
Various followers with their own specialty, multiple fun to collect and level-up.
Log in for 7 days to get the ☆Legendary General☆ Bismarck and the ☆Beautiful Lady☆ Feodora!

Resource War
Use your strategy to compete with other players, with all resources to help you be the king of kings!

Dragon and Raid
Interact with ice dragon Kars, raise it to be your most powerful alley!
Defeat the fierce attack from fire dragon Alhazred, slaughter it and honor shall be yours!

AFK Battle
One-tap AFK, all you have to do is collecting rewards and getting rapid growth!
Challenge the boss to get abundant rewards and show your strength!

Socializing & Mutual Growth
Initiate marriage for your heirs with other players and get mutual growth!
Powerful guild with other players, conquer for glory and victory!

Now, start the real royal pleasure in Throne of the Chosen!:

Throne of the Chosen user reviews :

The art and graphics are incredibly crisp, detailed, and beautiful. The campaign dialogs are well written and interesting as the game pull source material from history. You have to spend some money to advance (buying gems), particularly to collect the ladies and their alternate clothing. It’s relatively new game (released 4/2021) and new content are added periodically. A decent casual game

Game continues to provide satisfying fun. Events and rewards are good. Regular small cost packages available with decent multi day awards. Excellent and speedy support for most issues. Still a pretty new game. Looking forward to seeing how much better game can get.

This is by far the best role playing kingdom game I’ve played it’s not pay to win like everyone says you just have to strategically upgrade your followers and all your stats and you can fly through the ranks and there’s always great deals and events I can’t wait to see the new updates to come out only wish is that all the woman could be achieved through visits instead of packages you have to buy

When I first started the game, it was stuck on the sign in/sign up screen, but i figured out that if you just close the game then restart it will let you play. After i was able to get past the main screen, I was able to play and so far it is really enjoyable. I was not expecting iconic characters such as Leonidas, Edward (aka Black Beard), and Columbus to be in the game. Otherwise it’s a great game I recommend it.

Basically an exact copy of other empire management games like Be The King, only with much better graphics. User interface is a little cluttered. Like all of these games you have to drop serious real life money if you want to be Top 5, but there’s plenty of game to be played without spending any money, too (you’ll just never be The Best). Once this game gets streamlined a bit it will be five stars.

A lot like another game but even better, most of the story line you can fast forward through, unless you like reading all day long? Also, the “wives” are a lot more scandalous than the other game! You do have to work for the clothing to come off but well worth it in the end!

The ladies are HOT, and even hotter in nightwear. Simple mechanism, simple game but attractive. If you p2w, ofcourse you will win f2p. But I dont think this is a heavy p2w game. I give only 4 stars because: No female avatar, no friend nor private chat system yet, the price and prize for VIP are not reasonable. The game need so many developments, regulations and need more events/things to do. After the game is improved, I will give 5 stars

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