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TimeCamp  Log your time, create new tasks and generate important reports on the go with updated TimeCamp mobile app.

Start timer with just one tap and track time to your existing projects or create new ones wherever you are – on your way to the office or home. You can also fill in your timesheet manually, make important notes to tasks that may come in handy in your next meeting. View and edit your timesheet and plan your next day. Browse reports to keep finger on the pulse .
Try simple time tracking and timesheets. Spend more time on important work and less time on data collection you should need later.


Tap to start or stop tracking time from every place on earth
Alternatively create time entries manually
Generate reports of your time
Browse your projects and tasks
Log your time offline
Easily make notes on every time entry you are working on
Edit time entries with just a few clicks
Mark time entry as billable or non-billable
Browse and edit your historical data or plan your future

TimeCamp user reviews :

Very simple app with limited features. I previously chose it due to its great Trello integration, but key features such as data export are behind a paywall so I’ve stopped using it

I’m absolutely happy with my TimeCamp. I use it both in my laptop and on my phone. I’ve tried many time tracking apps and programs and found none to be as versatile ad this one, especially the free version. You can create so so many categories and sub-divide them. Perfect in my eyes. I haven’t missed anything in my almost 2 years of using it.

First of, I love the service of timecamp and this app in general. However, I have two main problems with the Android app: (1) When I delete a timesheet the app crashes. It doesn’t happen always, but it happens nevertheless. (2) The app is only viewable in portrait mode. This is extremely inconvenient when using a tablet docked on a keyboard, and I mostly use my tablet that way.

Entries in the app are sorted in a strange way (not exactly chronological, it depends on where you give them a start—web/app), but it doesn’t bother me, personality. All the other aspects are excellent.

I am using thd app despite its flaws. It like the layout and the intent of the design, but its missing some essential functionality and has issues with glitching both in the app and on the desktop version. I wish entrys could go past midnight, forcing users to split the entry between two days make the sheet look messy and adds another way to make errors. Another issue is when adding time ranges it locks the total time value and shifts the begining or end time, depending on which is adjusted.

I get what I need from the app, but there are a couple of glitches. Most often pressing stop will not stop the timer. I have to close the app, restart it and then press stop again. Also, I have not found a way to delete an activity.

As a general contractor i love this system. very easy to organize and use. The only thing is it desperately needs the function to create invoices from the app and not just the web application.

evaluating against two competitors, esp. Android app. almost a win with one silly but very important detail: start timer is green but stop timer is GREEN. all children know STOP should be RED. fix this and 4 stars and next review.

works great for me. I am a single user but this has helped pull into perspective the time I am spending on specific task and how that relates to the amounts being charged per task.

Exactly what I wanted as a freelancer to record my time on projects easily and to generate breakdowns on all projects or per project. Integrates with Trello to automatically transfer project details from there. Great time recording tool!

As a single user and independent contractor, I’m really liking the clean, easy to use, yet robust UI and system of reporting.

Overall good, with starting and stopping times. However, one thing that definitely needs to be improved is that we cannot select a sub category of tasks.

Great app and a great tool overall. Does what it is supposed to reliably, without overreaching. Would recommend it to any freelancer working on more task than one.

I use this app every day to track hours. Easy to use. I wish it had a way to select a default project, as I am on a year contract.

good app. very helpful. it makes it very easy to keep track of time foe projects. I use the trello add-on and it works fantastic

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