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Timesheet  Gleeo Time Tracker is a simple and easy to use time recording tool, optimized for your touch-screen device.

Track time with minimal effort, easily switch between projects and tasks, or access on-the-fly statistics to see your recorded times at a glance.


Create Projects and assign Tasks to them.
Enter unique details for each time entry.
Record multiple tasks at the same time.
Alternatively enter time ranges manually.
Edit existing data in the animated timeline.
Organize your entries by high-level domains, projects, and individual tasks.
Turn each domain on or off to easily organize and view different kinds of activities.
on-the-fly reports for a fast overview.
Optional backup to local memory and to Google drive.
Export and import data in CSV format, and analyze your data using your favorite spreadsheet program (such as Excel, Google Sheets, or LibreOffice).
Full Featured and Completely Ad Free!

Extended Services

The Sync&Team monthly subscription service offers professional end-to-end encrypted synchronization between Android devices, team time recording, web-based data management, and much more.
More infos: gleeo.com/index.php/en/guide-web-app-en


Timesheet user reviews :

Very useful app for logging and tracking time on projects. Not super intuitive, but not too bad once i learned the quirks.

Tried several time trackers, this is by far the best I’ve seen for tracking time against multiple projects. Easy to use reports. Easy to use corrections (edit a time segment and it will prompt you about whether it should update adjacent segments).

Have tried several similar apps, this one feels like it was made for me. Fantastic setup and usability, the notification controls are genius.

Excellent app. Intuitive and can handle complex combinations of time management and projects without being complicated

Exactly what I need — a very simple tool to keep track of my volunteer hours for three organizations. It’s been two years now and I still love it.

Brilliant Design. Exactly what I needed. Granular or high level it’s up to you. Thanks

Smart app, stats made so well it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making this app!

Great app. Fairly intuitive and versatile.

Simple, powerful and (ad-)free. Thank you for your hard work!

It took a few mins to figure out how it works, but this is a great tool, worth the learning curve. It would be nice if there was a way to see a flat list of all projects and tasks that I can modify, or maybe there is and I just don’t know what I’m doing. Still, this is a great app.

I seldom rate apps but god is this one a little gem. No fuss, no ads, no lags, and easy-to-export data… This is a consumer-first app in a world of predatory dark patterns. If I had to nitpick I’d suggest slightly bigger top tabs, and a view where I could start/stop tasks while keeping the day timeline in long form (otherwise it’s difficult to read). But it’s so easy to switch back and forth that it is not a big deal at all.

Seems like a good tracker – one of better ones I’ve tried so far. I (personally) find the UI unnecessarily clunky and awkward to manage – could be so much simpler to use. A few bugs here and there but no real show stoppers. I like some of the additional functionality, such as when editing a recorded task (say editing end time), it asks if I want task next to it to automatically update start time also, so a gap isn’t left behind. Yet to export data and see final results but ok so far.

Love the reliability, flexibility, and featureset of this app. Plan to upgrade to their Sync&Team subscription service for group project management, coordination, and tracking in the near future.

I have been using this time tracker for a couple years now. I use it for keeping track of time spent on projects at my job, as well as for my side business and personal projects. All I can say is “I like it!” The feature of being able to keep separate the customer’s name and different tasks for that customer, really makes sense to me. The reason for only 4 stars is because it has a bit of a learning curve, and took me a bit to figure it out.

Exactly what i was looking for!!! Thank you! Awesome app

Exactly what I need! Tried many similar apps and this is the only one that meets my need and the ui is clean and clear. Hope the notification bar not only shows which task is recording but shows how much time has been recorded for this entry.

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