Tiny Fantasy – Choose your own hero archetype to suits your personality and style

[Game] Tiny Fantasy

Tiny Fantasy

 Hello Adventurer!

Tiny Fantasy is the very fun Hack & Slash free action adventure RPG game!

Join the epic fantasy adventure, play the free RPG game with just one hand anywhere, anytime.
The innovative combat system allows you to perform combo attacks and spells with easy swipes and taps! Combat hordes after hordes of monsters with swords, arrows, or magic. KO monsters with powerful blasts or even knock them off the cliff!

Key Features:

Many heroes to unlock and collect: Choose your own hero archetype to suits your personality and style!

Create massive explosions to disintegrate monsters: Explore endless possibilities with team buffs and followers’ skills to maximise your chance of survival!

Select different followers and create skill synergy: You are not alone in this adventure. Recruit up to 3 followers to fight as a team and beat the monsters!

Use the map to your advantage: Outsmart your enemies with strategies unique to each level. Defeat bosses for rare heroes and followers!

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Tiny Fantasy user reviews :

The graphics are great. However, we suggest to have it played in landscape mode. Also the controls button must be fixed on the screen. Sometimes its hard to walk and while trying to hit the monsters. My character will walk instead of hitting them. Also, have an auto target locked on the monster nearest to you. It would be playable if you did it. Very good game though but the controls sucks so I have to uninstall.

Very amazing game. Though i found things that maybe you can improve: party members lags while running with heroes. Control fail sometimes. Running sound not sync while heroes run. Useless level up heroes skills. I suggest to adjust melee hero because long range heroes are OP than melee. Lessen range enemies’ attack speed or bullets. Also i don’t get why archer hero must use melee when using special skill. I also suggest to put map and change the stage map a little to make it more like rpg. GW

freakin sweet! add more skills, game modes, co op, pvp, and ability to swith between characters in game ane stuff like that. thanks. good game.

I love this game so far, but could you please add more heroes. Merlin would be my request as I love Arthurian legends and since the main hero is Arthir it just makes sense.

3rd review after issue fixed. Finally got to play, and its is a good time passer, and has good graphics. Controls can be a bit sluggish at time, and sometimes there is so much going on it makes it near impossible to activate your skill, or avoid getting hit. The difficulty also greatly spikes upward making you grind for an extended time to pass the next area due to low rewards per level.

so far very impressive. mix of arpg and the archery-style gameplay. Haven’t hit a paywall yet but will likely buy the mage class if the game continues being fair.

Ok. The devs fixed the non opening issue. The game is cute, and fun. So far my only wish would be to have a dedicated special attack button and maybe a roll to dodge. Lots of fun, altho there doesn’t seem to be a way to save mid way progress, which is a slight bummer because 10 stages take some time to conquer. Definitely worth trying tho. Thanks devs!
  • Minidragon
  • Hello, we apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. This Problem has been solved, please update your game and open it again. If that doesn’t work, please contact us at dw[at]minidragon.net with your device information and any relevant screenshots so that our support team may assist you. Thank you.

So far it’s fun and cute but I’m in the tutorial and I can’t advance When it tells me to go upgrade my hero, I can’t press anything on the screen. I’ve tried reinstalling it twice. Gonna try again and hope it goes well. The game is great tho so far so I’ll give it a 4. Even tho I can’t at right now no one else seems to have this issue so it shouldn’t reflect on the rating.

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