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[App] Tinygain – Daily routines, Be more productive

Tinygain  Tinygain helps you develop and track routines and habits.

You can design one yourself or discover the ones in the catalog to get most out of your life.

You can create or discover routines that help you:

lose weight
have more energized and productive mornings
have a better sleep
appreciate your life more
be happy
have more effective workouts
become more successful

Complete your daily tasks without a hassle.

All you need to do is follow step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the tasks you have created. It will remind you to do your tasks when the next time comes, so you don’t forget

Tinygain can help you to:

complete your daily tasks
stay focused during complex tasks
have more energized and productive mornings
appreciate your life more
have more effective workouts
become more successful

Tinygain will help you to reach your goals easier and faster, without having to think about the whole process yourself. All you need to do is to focus on the current step. This way you will make fewer mistakes during the process because you don’t have to think about what to do next, Tinygain will tell you.

You have complex tasks you do daily and you want to make fewer mistakes.
You want to develop a habit but always quit after a couple of days.
You want to have a productive morning routine that gets you started for the day.
You want to make yourself more effective and focused
You want to find a good workout routine

Step-by-step guide what shows you exactly what to do.
Tasks created by professionals.
Many step types to choose from, that help you with time tracking, seeing how it needs to be done, and guiding through the process.
Helpful reminders that help you never miss a routine.
Great community to lift you up on the way.

We are delighted to hear from our users about their experience and process. Want some advice about developing habits that stick? Have some suggestions about the app? Simply want to say “Hi”? Send us a message!

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Tinygain user reviews :

I’ve loved this app for a long time, but am only giving it four stars now because the timer has stopped working correctly since recent updates. One of the steps in one of my routines is for 20 minutes, so I turn the screen off to conserve energy, but it seems to pause the timer when I do this (it didn’t used to). So I am no using a separate timer instead of TinyGain’s, which is inconvenient. This may seem like a small thing, but that little extra difficulty has made so I end up doing my routines less often. Other glitches with the timers are that it sometimes thinks it’s already ran or something, because when i start a step it shows the “pause” or “rewind” button rather than the “play” button
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  • Thank you, Sharon. I will look into the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

I really like the app, and it does what I want, but the android app has a few issues. I can’t delete a routine I started but didn’t finish, but I can on my iPad. Also there are a few routines in the “Discover” tab I like, that I want to add to my list, but it won’t let me. *upadate: the developer responded very quickly to my support request. You can fix the images not loading issue by granting storage access in the app settings. *other issues will be addressed soon! Love the quick responses!

I love this powerful yet simple little app. I like routine and this helps build habits by doing things the same way each time. I like that you have different options such as lists, timers etc To get 5* a couple of little tweaks I’d like to see, the ability to have a custom order of the routines on the home screen and to make them smaller so you can see more routines. Plus the ability to pause a routine and come back to it rather than having to discard it for when interruptions get in the way.

Several features I like, including showing only 1 task or step at a time. But a big inconvenience right now is the inability to reorder the steps in edit mode. I don’t see anyway to change the order or add a step before the end of the list except to delete all the others and re-add them. It doesn’t look like that is available when you purchase it, so I probably won’t buy it unless that feature is added.
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  • Thank you for the review! You don’t need to purchase anything to reorder steps. Just long-press the item you want to change order to and then drag it where you want.

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