Toggl Track – Helps you learn how much your time is worth

[App] Toggl Track – Time Tracking & Work Hours Log

Toggl Track  Toggl Track is a simple (& powerful) time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is worth.

With this time tracking app you’ll be able to start tracking your hours and manage your hours with just one click – filling timesheets has never been this easy!

With a simple tap start tracking your hours and see where are you spending your time and use that data to go through your reports and break down your hours by projects, clients and tasks – find out what’s making you money, and what’s holding you back.

We also have you covered across all of your devices! Start tracking your hours in a browser, then stop it later on your phone – all of your tracked time is safely synced between your phone, desktop, web & a browser extension (which offers more of a pomodoro timer experience).

Our time-saving features:

See how you spend your time with daily, weekly or monthly reports and graphs. Look them in the app or export them to send that data to your clients (or to analyze it further with through business intelligence and see to where your hours are going).

Toggl Track integrates with your Calendar! With this feature, you can now easily add your events from your calendar as time entries, through the Calendar View!

Based on your most used entries, the app will give you suggestions on what you could track. (We are also working on making this feature a bit smarter in the future)

Enable notifications so that you always know if & what are you tracking (or if you’re not tracking anything!), and always be aware where does your time go.

Customize your time entries with projects, clients and tags
Organize and add more details to your time entries by adding projects, clients and tags. Clearly see where your work hours go and adjust your precious time & routines accordingly.

By using @ and #, you can quickly add those projects and tags much faster and get back to work right away!

Your time is safe with us – phone, desktop or web, your time is seamlessly synced and kept safe between all of your devices.

Manual Mode
Want more control? Add and edit all of your time manually and make sure that every second of your time is accounted for. This feature is optional and it’s accessible from the Settings menu.

But what if I’m offline?
No problem! You can still track your time through the app, and once you’re back online, it will sync with your account (and the rest of your devices) – your time (and money!) is not going anywhere.

Is the app free?
Yes, Toggl Track for Android is completely free for you to use. Not only that, there are no ads at all – ever!

Can I send you some feedback?
You betcha (and we’d love to hear from you)! You can send us feedback directly from the app – look for the ‘Submit Feedback’ in the Settings menu.

And that’s Toggl Track – a time tracker so simple that you’ll actually use it and get things done! Track important tasks, use reports to see how you spend your time and boost your productivity. Whether you are at an office, in commute, stuck on a space mission to Mars or just want to see how much time you’re wasting on projects that aren’t bringing you money – track your time anywhere you go!

Toggl Track user reviews :

Life changing. Time tracking is the marriage between a to do list and a calendar. It’s what I’ve been looking for to hold myself accountable and see what I’m really doing with my time. Toggl makes it super easy with the desktop and mobile app. I never leave reviews because most software is nice but a lot of it doesn’t help you with the most precious resource we have. Time.

Love this app! It helps track my time so much with my various clients, I love how much it helps me stay organized. I don’t know if this is possible but sometimes I may work on two projects and go back and forth between two clients. It would be helpful to be able to set multiple trackers at once.

I’m going out of my way to say that yesterday, everything’s going great with the app, but everythings just sucked when the UI in my app in my phone suddenly changed. It feels buggy. I hope you can provide an option to choose between the new UI or the old one.

The app starts nice, but as you use more and more it gets slower and slower, sometimes even crash. The website and the desktop app are very great. But the Android app… Update on August 2021 … Congrats, you did it! Your app is now amazing…

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