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Hello fashion lovers !!!

Join us in this dress up, fashion adventure and become the Top Fashion Style designer. Fill your virtual closet with Stunning dresses, fabulous shoes and attractive accessories from the shop or with your Own Designs. Hire top models and style their outfits, hair & makeup. Use daily challenges to exercise your creative self and win great prizes.

Dress up the models in your top creations and pose them in fabulous Photoshoot against backdrop of green meadows or starry skies. Earn coins by auctioning suits from the wardrobe or from showcasing your styles. Use those coins to hire even more models and unlock new garment types.

Every outfit idea you imagine can be shared with the online community.
Create eye-catching and cutting-edge fashion apparel with past or current trends in mind or become a trendsetter and share your Style with the world!

Features more than:
30.000 unique suits in the shop to choose from and match
15 beautiful models to showcase your designs
230 apparel templates to modify to your desire
450 details and patterns (ribbons, belts, buttons, gems, zippers and more) to add, move, rotate and scale
unlimited freedom for your creations

Modify template suit shape; cut and add details and patterns; color individual parts. With the intuitive garment editor you can envision and craft unlimited number of fashion designs.

The game is constantly expanding and evolving.
Vote for the new game Features and share your fashion passion with us. Contact us in-game or on

Top Fashion Style user reviews :

Its a decent game it’s nice how there are good fashion but I think a lot of clothes aren’t labeled for the correct style. Also, there aren’t many ways of getting money. I also am confused by just the icons showing up for the looks in the style section until you make a look for it. It’s hard to dress up your character for a look when you only see the icon not the name of it. The game is pretty though, I love the way you design clothes they are super customizable and there are so many colors.

This game is just what i was looking for, can do extensive design and clothen creations, make unique outfits, the graphics are really well done, the music is nice and doesnt annoy you when your doing your designs and so far no issues. Ive been looking for a game like this and happy i found it as it fits my needs to express my creativity. Thank you!

It’s not bad! I get to choose hairstyles, get coins to spend on looks and people in the game like my model outfits. I like that i don’t have to watch an ad for coins and the game doesn’t give me limited/small coins. Games that do that restrain me from buying or making a choice.! Keep up the good work!

Best Phone Game I’ve found! I love the options – there are enough to keep me interested and creative, and not too restrictive to keep me from wanting to play around. I love the daily challenge too! Keeps it interesting. My only complaint is that a lot of the earrings aren’t accurate. It shows four identical silver earrings, all of which are different on the model but it’s hard to choose when I can’t see in advance. I do wish jewelry was something I could design separately!
  • Scordisc
  • Hi Katherine. Thank you for the feedback. Earrings thumbnails will be corrected in the next update.
I lame so much. 2h However theres a couple things that need improvement before I give it 5 stars. First, it would drastically improve the game if you could customize the models. Including pick their hair, lips, eyes ect. Second, there needs to be a faster way to earn money. If you could change those two things this game would be absolutely perfect. I love how you can design your own clothes and the way they have it set up to design is so easy and fun. Dont pass this game up. Must try.
  • Scordisc
  • Hello. Thank you for your suggestions. Some of model customizations, like hairstyles, are arriving in the next updates. We’re also working on new ways to earn money. One of those should be ready in a few weeks. Keep on playing
Lovely! Perfect! The ability to save an outfit for every occasion is great creative inspiration and I was amazed how easy and intuitive it is to design a beautiful dress with the tools! My only complaint is that the UI buttons are too small on mobile so sometimes I select the wrong item category. Highly recommended!
  • Scordisc
  • Hi Janis. Thank you so much for the feedback. Very glad you’re enjoying the experience, it’s something we had hoped for. I’ll try to wrestle buttons from the designer but future new categories and features dictate that part. All the best.

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