Total Battle – Chose your own strategy

[Game] Total Battle – Tactical Strategy


Your military base requires development: at first, you have access to catapults and
infantry, and later on you will have access to new units: titans, dragons, elementals and more.
Chose your own strategy to manage troops in your army – each unit has its unique abilities for war against monsters and other players.

On the world map among deserts, forests and mountain ranges you will find
unique interests to match your tactical style. Hordes of monsters, abandoned mines,
closed arenas and crypts filled with treasure!
Not every strategy wins a war! But with dedication, careful planning and good management you will build up a firm economy!

Not only your own army is important for a winning strategy. You heroes
have various skills for dealing best in different situations. Craft your equipment and level up your heroes like in the best RPGs!

You need a combination of strategy and tactics to win a war: clans with members from all
over the world fight for their dreams. Help your closest friends and reach achievements together in this online game. Capturing territories, climbing to the top of the ratings charts, and most of all – the support of thousands of allies will leave your mark in history.

Total Battle is a tactical MMO-strategy, in English and translated in 10 other languages. The game is constantly updated, with recently added new historical epochs: from ancient times, to medieval and then to the age of discovery. Online components and device support are updated frequently to make the game even better. Join a huge community of tactics lovers!

Total Battle user reviews :

Great game, but its a time thing. Wish the resources, speed-ups were more readily available. Overall it’s fun though. Biggest issue is that the mobile version doesn’t load all the time. Says update needs to be installed. But it won’t upload as my phone says play or Uninstaller. No option for an update
  • Scorewarrior
  • Hello! Due to technical reasons, the update does not happen in the first try. Please make several attempts to update the application until the process completes successfully. We apologize for any inconveniences.
Its okay as a casual game, its free to play, but you will need to pay to get anywhere. Top tips, include joining a large established clan (for the bonuses, chests and protection) and if you have to buy something because you aren’t that strong, buy the shields and use its protection to build up.
  • Scorewarrior
  • Hello! Please note ur game is free to play. Players may purchase additional items and bonuses in order to get some advantage and help to develop their accounts faster.

This game is really fun, I have been playing for a long time and have made a lot of new friends. Two things I do want to see in the game are the option to recall your march once it had started and please add a new type of server for those who are new, like a sandbox but you still have to earn the stuff but it’s easier to get everything, I think having a server like this will make the game more fun. But you have to earn x amount of gold or x hero lvl. Please email me if you agree (developer’s)

The best thing about the game, gold & silver heals (up to) 90% of your troops, and its not hard to find. The bad thing is the usual, the American Express Black Card players are allowed to play with the $5 Walmart card players. Expect bullies to be in your Kingdom and attack you if you’re small since they rarely fight one another.
  • Scorewarrior
  • Hello! Recently we added a defensive measures for novice players. Seasoned veterans will not be interested to offend one city several times in a row because amount of points for victories will decrease overtime. Please remember that you can always activate Shield of peace to avoid any attack.
Taking to long to update, really, 1175 updates now. How you expect people to play when it takes to long on updates. Got it updated, now it crashed. Uninstall, not worth trying to play
  • Scorewarrior
  • Greetings, Mike! Development team already fixed this issue. New version is available now. Please update the app and try to launch the game again. Feel free to contact Support team if any further assistance will be required.

The game is awesome but need to find a way to get rid of all the reports.

I was a bit hesitant to join the game because it presented a lot of negative reviews. Well I’ve only played 24h, but I’ve discovered a depth to this game like no other before. I will definitely be giving it some more of my time!

pretty good game. very similar to alot of games. something different… kinda

So far a very nice game. Good map view and regular bonuses.

Fun to play, and beautiful to look at.
  • Scorewarrior
  • Greetings Nate! We are very excited that you enjoy playing Total Battle! Please visit Community page to get your daily gift:

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