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TouchTime  The next time you do something like driving, sleeping or working out, try using TouchTime to track how long it takes you to do it.

You can now see where you actually spend your time vs where you think you do. Time tracking allows you to take control of your time.

How it works:
You set up an activity and the next time you do that activity, you just click the icon and it starts tracking how much time you spent on that activity. You can stop/pause an timers you currently have, you can start multiple timer if you’d like. After that, you’ll be able to see all the statistics and history related to that activity.

Setting up an activity:
To set up a new activity icon, you’ll click on the + icon. In the new screen, you can add a name and set an icon for that activity. There are over 1000 icons to choose from, you can search through icons using keywords. By long pressing an icon you’ll be able to choose a color for your icon.

Deleting and changing activities:
To delete, change or change the position of the icon we added a drag and drop feature. Long press an icon to delete or change.

You can now see all the activities that you did during any chosen day. Add, delete or change any activity events.
What you can change: start time, finish time, add a comment and you can even share that activity event.

We added very detailed statistics so that that you can know exactly what’s going on. Detailed activities statistics, Category statistics and Productivity statistics.

TouchTime user reviews :

Best time tracking app! You can track 3 things at once, edit times if you forgot something, and there’s a searchable database of icons for everything you need, not just a few colors to choose from. Very helpful in seeing where i spend my time.

Great app just what I need. But it lags often when changing time or doing multiple thing within the app quickly, like spikes go from 3-20 seconds. It would also be nice to have an undo button and lock button so u dont accidently delete or move ur trackers. Honestly it deserves 5 stars if not for these things.

I’ve been faithfully using this app for nearly two years now, I love it. However, I found the most recent update frustrating because it removed many of the most convenient features. I don’t like that logging past activities now defaults to a half hour instead of auto-filling the current time as the end time. Also, if I pressed something by mistake, it knew not to log a two-second item, but now I have to go delete that manually. I wish a lot of these things were configurable in settings. But overall, great app! Very useful

Great app! There are some problems though. When I renamed one of my activities, it showed it as a new activity, but everything tracked before was still shown with its old name. So I had two different activities instead of one. Other thing is, when you hold on one of the activities tracked in the list in the 2nd tab, it deletes it permanently. It would be nice to have undo option. And when I tracked something for a few seconds it shows it in stats, but not in the list in 2nd tab so I can’t delete

This is hands down the best app (software) I have ever used for personal time tracking. It is very easy to use, intuitive, and wonderfully low maintenance. Couldn’t recommed it enough. No internet connection needed, and it exports all data into a clean spreadsheet file. Thank you so much for having created this!

New to me, only couple days so far and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for! It’s functional, with a simple interface, easy to in understand and use, no glitches or hangups. The press and hold Delete method is scary fast. A potential for rather than editing an entry, accidently deleting the entry. I’d like the option to to add 1-2 seconds more to this function or opt for an annoying pop-up ask me to confirm delete. All in all, Good and Fun App!

Simply Awesome..Loved it! I had this idea in my mind that I wanted to not only track “where” I spend time, but also “how” I spend it – whether it was productive or unproductive. This app does just that..And, there’s so much more. No ads, wow! I skimmed through so many productivity apps on playstore and after a long long search, finally, found this one. I initially found RescueTime, but it looks old school and glitchy, similar idea though.

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