Toy Block Boom – Work your way through matching two or more blocks

[Game] Toy Block Boom – Classic & Crush & Blast

Toy Block Boom  The super cute tapping & matching game on mobile today!

Work your way through matching two or more blocks of the same color and creating boosters to clear levels!


Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay! Tap blocks of the same color to collect them!
Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
Over 800 levels with exciting puzzles!
Amazing boosters and gifts are pretty helpful along the way!

Toy Block Boom is completely free to play and you can play the game without Wi-Fi as well. Now enjoy your Toy Block Boom adventure!


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Toy Block Boom user reviews :

if there was less ads, I would have given you 5 stars. It’s a fun game and rewards are better compared to other similar games. I must say though 30 second ads are too long. also your ads after finishing a level could be reduced to 5 second or none at all. Ts understandable that ads are required in order to receive boosters or gifts.
  • Match Fever Games
  • Dear user, sorry for the inconvenience but those ads help keep this game free. You could turn off the interstitial ads after 5 seconds or pay to remove ads. We will improve it in future version, thank you for your review.

This game is awesome! Lots of ads, but you can x them out right away. I would consider it a really easy game, mostly because it gives you way more moves than you need. But it’s still fun to figure all the right moves. It’s a fun game when your brain is tired, it’s relaxing and gives your brain a rest from too much challenge.

It’d be better if there was a way to turn off the hints. Can’t find that option under settings. ( If I don’t tap on blocks for a few seconds then some blocks start flashing as if to tell me to tap here. I’ve seen this on other apps and under settings I can turn off “hints” for example Solataire. You’re settings can only turn off sound and music. I thought the flashing blocks were hints?
  • Match Fever Games
  • Dear user, we received your suggestions and we have added this function in our latest version. Please update and try it! Thank you for your feedback!
Fun game, but i have a problem getting on the app. I click on the app to play but it doesnt open up. I have to reopen the app again. Could you please fix it? I would hate to uninstall the game. UPDATE: I’m in Uninstalling because the game became boring. There’s no challenge to it. No groups, friends, or not much coins.
  • Match Fever Games
  • Dear user, we received your suggestions and we will definitely forward it to our developers. And thank you for your feedback. Our game is easy to control at first, in case users don’t know how to play. As you reach higher levels, it will progressively get challenging. We hope you have fun gaming!
Love Toy Block Boom…. Its so fun to play and relaxing. My niece loves it too. I just wanna make a suggestion, being able to replay levels we don’t do good on, right now we can’t replay levels as the game doesn’t allow it..
  • Match Fever Games
  • Dear user, we received your suggestions and we will definitely forward it to our developers. Thank you for your feedback!

Gets frustrating at times but thats why you know its so challenging. every aspect of this game is beautiful. The levels, always new ideas every ten or twenty levels. They dont screw you over on coins or daily rewards. Every part of this game is amazing.

This game is great & a+. It is so easy to play and very entertaining. It is not hard to play at all. I just get so mad when you have to wait for levels but I guess you have to do that if you want to play the game. I am glad that this game has a lot of levels because this is the best game. Some levels are harder than others but I still love the game!

Finally a fun game that understands the meaning of a boost, and they’re not wimps on the board! My only complaint is that the boosts costs entirely too much!

This game makes you think as to which colors you can get rid of to get more of the same color that you can accumulate together. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their brain intact.

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