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Traced Mobile Security  The Traced app for Android detects malicious apps, dangerous WiFi networks and protects against phishing – keeping your private and business data secure.

No tracking. No ads. We believe in privacy by default.

It’s a full security suite for your phone, alerting you if:

A malicious app is detected on your device
You connect to an unsafe WiFi network
You open a phishing link
Your Android software or device configuration are vulnerable
An app tries to access your camera, microphone, takes a screenshot or records your active phone call

Other features:
Scan your phone for malicious apps using our Deep Learning engine
Take a deep dive into suspicious events and apps
Peace of mind knowing that we don’t track you, we can’t access your calls, messages, web browsing history or emails.

Some apps can hide on your phone and access your camera, contacts, messages, location and microphone without you knowing…
Traced detects stalkerware, spyware and other apps that have been installed on your phone behind your back. Some of these apps can get millions of downloads before they’re marked as unsafe, so Traced uses AI to spot malicious apps before other security apps know about them.

Why is Traced different?
The app is completely free, with NO ads
Powered by Deep Learning, Traced uniquely analyses your phone’s apps and alerts you to suspicious activity that may be caused by spyware, stalkerware, and other types of mobile malware.

We don’t track individual users
Transparency and integrity is our battlecry! We’re committed to delivering the highest levels of privacy and security to everyone.
The Traced app doesn’t require access to Accessibility Services (which can be abused) and we don’t use Location services to track you.
We are members of Coalition Against Stalkerware, and contribute our research and analysis to further the work of Coalition in eradicating stalkerware.

For advice and support, head to our website at
We welcome your feedback to help make our app the best it can be.


Usage Access – Detect foreground position of apps for suspicious behaviour analysis
Location – WiFi Protection & Location grabbing detection

About Traced
Traced is a free mobile security and privacy app built in the UK by two veterans of cybersecurity. It’s a completely free app that alerts you as suspicious behaviour is detected on your phone. Traced uses static and dynamic analysis to detect abusive app behaviour, and guides you in a straightforward way to take remedial action.

Privacy Policy
Traced respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information:

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Traced Mobile Security user reviews :

Love this app easy to use… Would love a bit more details on the sneaky app when on mild or high and how to understand…as my info on technology isnt great And thank you if it wasnt for traced i wouldn’t of know my camera was turning on without my knowledge Also would you please improve on what it detected, i got medium, high detection on a call saying maybe being recorded. How can i know more on this for sure???
  • traced
  • We’re delighted you’re happy with Traced!
Seems to be doing a pretty thorough job of checking apps and events like which apps tried to access location of photographed my screen etc when, how many times etc.It rates how dangerous the permissions all your phone apps have are. Mine has over 200 mostly system apps which keep increasing, some with numerous and very high risk permissions but unless you are a tech expert, you can’t tell which can be safely deleted or remove their risky permissions. But at least I can see the apps and risks.
  • traced
  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback and 5 star rating. Stay safe!
Traced App is the real thing. it tells you when dungeness listening in on a private phone call, it it’s you know when your location is wanted, and when you are dried from this water WiFi to an unknown SSID… it tells you when your mic is on, when your camera is on, it lets you know everything that you need to know if you like your privacy. it’s the BEST!!!!!
  • traced
  • That’s great feedback – thank you!
This is ahead of people’s understanding of what our technology can do for right or wrong I got prime example from a friend who nfc my phone unknown to me until further investigation cash app stopped working other problems with a brand new phone all cause of nfc spyapps,malware,is all left in a digital finger print this app should be enhanced and added to every phone or nfc capable device
  • traced
  • Thanks for the great review!

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