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[Game] Train Collector – Idle Tycoon

Train Collector  Build your train collection!

With over 100 real trains from all over the world, this is not just your typical idle clicker game. Steam, Diesel, Electric trains? You can Collect and Discover all of them. Just one click. Develop your city in a minute, it’s that simple! Progress while you’re asleep.

Train Collector features:

Easy idle gameplay
Own 100 most popular trains from the history of rail transport
Develop your city, get bigger houses, tall skyscrapers and even monuments

PLEASE NOTE! Train Collector is a free game to download and play, but some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. A network connection is also required.

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Love Trains? Then play Train Collector is for you!

Train Collector user reviews :

This is a fun game but wants in your wallet relativly quick. Not all trains are available with gold. You have to BUY gems to get higher level trains. Also the auto collect and gold bonus multiplyer does not work correctly. So its fun but unless you want to spend $$$ to complete and win the game dont bother.

Neat idea, easy and kinda fun. Wish we could manipulate/build our own train for each locomotive. Wish we could also do more with the city rathe than just upgrade it, i.e. buying/placing specific buildings

I wanted to watch trains move around. I realized that you never get to see the trains in the city cause the big button at the bottom covers ALL tracks. How is that enjoyable for a train enthusiast? A picture of a train with a moving background doesn’t give me the feeling of watching a train go by.

Seem like nothing added several trains. Then nothing happened just the trains running and collecting gold wouldnt let me do anything in the town ..And with no instruction on how to play …Made it a bit dumb …Gave it one star becausenit wont let me do anything else

Good game just less trains should be costing gems. Have an offer for gems but when you get to the number it should cost coins

Amazing game. Accurate train details and such a huge variety! My favorites are the NW Y6A, Class A1 Berkshire, Class A3 peppercorn, GP9, Big boy, LMS Corination,and etc. The only flaw is the fact that Daylight moves slow. Also i think you should add whistles and horns to the locomotives(Accurate horns/whistles please.) Thank you so much for this game and putting the names of the locomotives.The little ones will learn their train types!

Like the game but my biggest issue is how you can put on a 8 or 24 hour boost, log back in a day later and never get credited all that money built up over that time period. I understand it stops but what about the money that was accrued? Fix that issue and I’ll be happy. Also is this happening to others as well?

Updated: Score decreased. I have now lost approximately 450 gems just by swiping through screens. Review – It needs more. Simple as that. As with all PF games there is a glass ceiling you hit at higher level and this is no different than Seaport or Train station. The city is too limited and needs more variety, cars, things happening. You cannot customise the city. The trains and car models never change and all repeat. There are not enough trains in the game or variation say in liveries.
  • Pixel Federation Games
  • Hi Lee. Thank you for your feedback. There is a new feature called City Tasks for additional gameplay and gold boost. Also Auto-collect for gems is now gone! Now you can purchase Auto-collect for gold and after 5 purchases it becomes free. See our update notes for more details. Hope you give us one more chance with the latest version.

So far, it is a cute, idle game. Seems non intrusive with ads so far. Would live more info on the trains we are collecting. Maybe I just havent found that yet. Takes off pretty quick, not a lot of waiting time to gain next train….so far.

Good game and lots of engines wow. It’s a typical game and I’m enjoying it.

The game is simple but amazing though it would be awesome if when someone buys a gem train that gem train would produce gems.

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