Trials of Heroes – Choose proper equipment and try more strategies

[Game] Trials of Heroes

Trials of Heroes  Tired of stereotyped gameplay?

No time to battle every minute but in badly need of material to upgrade your heroes?
Come and try Trials of Heroes! At any time and at any place, go deep into steppes, marshes, labyrinths and other dungeons with your heroes while enjoying never-ending battles. Even if you are offline for a break, your heroes will still be fighting for you!


1. Most Relaxing IDLE Style
Never bother to wait online but set up a team and choose a map, then all the wealth of this land is at your fingertips! Coins, material, equipment and all, offline auto-battle provides you with everything you need to strengthen your heroes. Just as simple as that!

2. Beat Powerful Monsters with Strategies
Adjust your team, cooperate different skills, choose proper equipment and try more strategies. Even a swap between front and back lines may help immensely!

3. More than IDLE Style
Climb up the Dark Tower for nonstop challenges, complete quests from various heroes in Tavern, launch an all-out attack in the Burning Crusade, forge legendary equipment for your heroes, defeat Dark Forest Bosses for special rewards, and enter various Raids for extra gains! More exciting contents are waiting for you to discover!

4. Fight with Your Allies
Upgrade Guild Skills in Academy for bonuses, get rewards from Mine orders, win increasing rewards by taking down numerous guild bosses and participate in a week-long Guild Campaign with guild members. Make it to Finals for glory!

5. Show Your Skills in Arena
Unique Championships and Elite Trials are offered in Arena. Array your team wisely, defeat those from all over the world and always aim to be the first!

6. Over 100 Cool Heroes
After their star-rank being upgraded, heroes will get stronger attributes and skill effects. Their appearances change as well and is sure to amaze you. Try to collect every hero in the gallery!

Summon your hero now and let’s begin an epic adventure in this mysterious yet unknown land!

Trials of Heroes user reviews :

All in all the game is fun. Only a few minor issues. The devs will say the spring wheel is random. Well I really have to disagree. Since atm we have a spin event. Out of 60 rolls so far. Almost every single one has been the same spot. The odds of that happing if it was truly random are slim. You’d see other spots being hit. Now it’s minor. But I’d like to see that fixed. No way I should be hitting the same spots every single spin event. Even when I refresh and the stuff changes spots I still hit only them. The gold o e is the primary one I hit. The next is the red gem. But it’s not as often. Edit. It’s not that I didn’t get what I want as the devs said. But not believable to think you can hit the same spot over and over. I’ll put it this way. If I roll a dice ten times. Logic dictates I will not roll the same number eight times in a row. You will see other numbers.
  • Jupiter EntertainmentJune 9, 2018
  • Hey, thanks for your review! We are sorry that you didn’t get the items you want. The chance to get each item in Spring of Spirit is not the same, so it is possible to get some items more frequently than others. More suggestions please send to, we will be greatly appreciative. We will be more than happy to take your advice.
A+ It’s, Simply Dope. Been here when the app store opened, haters say it’s a simply copy and paste, I call bull…., I hope to see more from this endeavour, Hair Brained Schemes come to mind.
  • Jupiter EntertainmentJune 15, 2018
  • Hey, thanks for your review! We need your kind support to keep this game the best it can be. Any problem please contact us by email: support[at] Thank you!
Very nice game ……… I like it
  • Jupiter EntertainmentJune 15, 2018
  • Hey, thanks for your review! Do you have any suggestions? Please contact us by email: Thank you!

Last Updaye September 29, 2020 :

Added new skins for Athena and Tartarus.
Hubery and Nyx have received balance adjustments.
Other bugs fixed and optimization.

Contact developer :


Video :

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