Trivial World Quiz Pursuit – Discover a world full of challenges

[Game] Trivial World Quiz Pursuit

Trivial World Quiz Pursuit  Learn while you play, explore each level and discover a world full of challenges and surprises, with questions always up to date!

The goal is simple: complete ALL levels while having fun and learning a lot!

At each level, the goal is to complete the roulette of categories.

In no roulette levels, the goal is to answer at least 5 questions correctly to complete the level.

Take the challenge and face special levels to earn gold, unlock exclusive content and more!

Throughout the game you can unlock characters with unique and extraordinary power-ups. Try them all!

There are 4 power-ups available during the game to help you get further:
Exchange question
Remove 2 wrong answers
Show correct answer
Add time

Show what you’re worth and fight for the top places every week to win exclusive benefits!

In the game there are 6 general categories:
Science and Nature
Art and Literature

You can also unlock unique themed categories like music, movies and football.

Discover all the great stuff this game has to offer!

Log in into the game and keep all your progress so that the fun never ends!

The quiz pursuit has a database with thousands of questions and we regularly add new questions to make it more diverse and complete!

The universe is infinite and there is still so much to discover … stay tuned to the news. The world will continue to expanding over time …

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Trivial World Quiz Pursuit user reviews :

Great game very entertaining, challenging, educational, and fun. Multiple choice to select makes it easier to answer with your best guess in case you dont know the answer or helps jog the memory.

Great Trivia, with LOADS OF FUN, for the Brain!!

like the other quiz shows they have incorrect onfo like Stonehenge is in Scotland not England wrong part of great Britain

I just started playing but so far its pretty fun.

I’ve been playing this for a while with no issues, but lately, in the middle of a game, when I click on play video, screen goes blank and the only way I can get back in, is to click on the app. This means I’ve lost my score of that particular game, making me redo it! Today it’s happened 3 times in a row! I’ve also rebooted my smartphone, so that’s not the issue!! Pressing the back button does nothing, screen remains black. There really is no other way but to reclick on the app button. Game lost.
  • Walkme Mobile
  • Hi Silvia, thank you for contacting us. There is an issue with some videos from Google, that only show a black screen. If this is the case, you should be able to click on the “back” button of your device and try to watch another video. … Can you please send us a short video of the issue to info[at] ? It would help us identify the problem.

it’s a trivia game with a lot of ads. the solo progression portion is nice if you don’t have internet connection or don’t wanna play online.

I enjoy trivia, but am now stuck on a hard level after playing many times. For me that takes all the fun out of it. Wish the game had an option to skip a level or an option for easier questions. If you like a challenge this game is for you. If you just want to play for fun this is not the game. Sadly I will delete since I cannot progress.
  • Walkme Mobile
  • Hello Lanette, thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry you’re stuck in the game. To help you, you can use the lifelines available on each question or use some character with special powerups that will help you get further. Hope you keep enjoying the game and have a nice day! If you have any suggestion, write us to walkmemobile[at] Cheers!

Absolutely LOVE this quiz. Proper questions with very few stupid low brow stuff. HOW DO I REPORT QUESTION ERRORS? Question: Where was the Great Exhibition of 1851 held? 4 locations are given including “Crystal Palace”. This IS a London location, but not in 1851. Hyde Park was where the exhibition took place. The Crystal Palace was the name of the structure. After the exhibition it was moved to South East London and that area became known as Crystal Palace.

I was looking for a good general knowledge quiz and found this. I cannot rate it highly enough. Play to your heart’s content and it’s only a few quid if you need more lifelines. I love that it is like Trivial Pursuit with categories and Millionaire that it has 4 multiple choice answers. 5 stars

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