Trooper Shooter – Command your little soldiers

[Game] Trooper Shooter – Critical Assault FPS

Trooper Shooter  ​The game is still under active development.

We carefully read all your comments and feedback to make sure every new update counts. Thanks for your support!​

Trooper Shooter: Critical Assault FPS is a military FPS with animated graphics and simple controls. Command your little soldiers and lead them to victory at any cost!
Complete missions, gear up your soldiers, crush the enemy and upgrade skills! Show the world who’s boss!

Animated graphics
You’ll love this look! Wage war across Mexico in our pocket shooter!

Rough and tumble soldiers
Equipped with a huge collection of cool weapons and gear! These soldiers are ready to go through hell on earth to win your battles. Fight as a team on cool maps!

PvP battles
Be part of your team of seasoned war veterans in battle! Challenge other players from around the world!

Upgrade soldiers
Upgrade each unique soldier and gear them up with weapon, armor and helmet combos. Build your dream team!

Lots of maps, cool graphics, loads of gear, upgrades, and most importantly, a tiny army right in your pocket. What more could you need?

Good luck in battle, Soldier!



Trooper Shooter user reviews :

The game at first was seriously fun and I could compare it to some of the mainstream competition it is having, but after a certain point the game sucks and I will tell you exactly the reason why. You see after a certain level, because there is no ranking system what so ever, you are basically getting played against like players with level 40 plus weapons and characters when you don’t even have a level 10 unlocked yet, from your standpoint, it means losing money, from ours a waste of time, fix it

Interesting game. I truly enjoyed it. However, 3 stars are given for a few reasons. First, as your level get higher, you will notice the imbalance of this game. You can hardly win without spending money. Those with top gears can simply destroy anyone in the field. Killing them takes too much effort. Secondly, there are only 3 maps available. Would appreciate if there are more maps. Thirdly, connection issue, most of the time, I will be disconnected in the middle of the game.
  • Azur Interactive Games Limited
  • Hi! The more time you devote to the game, the higher the level you reach. Also, shopping helps you to accelerate your progress. Have a good game!

It’s a good game, but it could be better if there were more maps, skills and characters. I hope you guys keep improving the game. I wonder if there will be the possibility of adding friends, that’s something kind of essencial on an online game.

After more than 15 kills and getting disconnected can be frustrating. U won’t get connected back to the same game if that happens.

This is a fun game.* *Once you hit a certain point, the reality of the game hits you hard and make make you want to delete it. A certain amount of upgrading and just before you pass the point where they drop the ad wall, there will be a point where you start playing with “everyone else”. Once this happens: you will, quite literally, go from winning everytime to hopefully getting a medal. At the same point, every time you hit “Play” or “Go back to home”, an ad. Stick with it. Balances @ lvl 20

Very much enjoy the game. Would appreciate knowing more about how it works. For example the armour, when you upgrade a helmet what do those numbers actually mean? Do the body armour and helmet numbers get added together as during game play, there is only one armour bar. Also, the attack values for the guns, is that the value per bullet or per full clip. I’d like to know before I purchase guns.. very hard to find any information.

Great game. Rain hail sleet snow hurricanes tornados clouds night and day, maybe even a sunset sunrise. Just started but awsome.

First issue, each time i upgrade items and character in upgrade panel, my account level and units reset as for a new account. Second issue, each time items and characters upgrades last for long hours, the matching system disables itself and notifies that there is internet connection problem but from my phone, the internet is okay. Please team, make the fix quick, otherwise i will look for another game with no in game problems on playstore Thank you

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