Tsuki Odyssey – Immerses you into the world of Tsuki

[Game] Tsuki Odyssey

Tsuki Odyssey  Tsuki’s Odyssey is a passive adventure game that immerses you into the world of Tsuki and the oddball characters of Mushroom Village.

Decorate your home, make friends, catch all kinds of fish and so much more!

It is important to note that Tsuki is not your pet, but a free spirit who will move and interact with the world as they please. But if you check in often, you just might catch something new and exciting happening in the town!

This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

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Tsuki Odyssey user reviews :

Tsuki Odyssey is everything you didn’t know you wanted from Tsuki Adventure! Such a fantastic casual game, especially for those of us that want entertainment without being glued to our phones or feeling like we need to constantly come back to play. Only feedback I could give, is that I preferred the daily log in before it was mandated on a specific day. If you forget or can’t play on a Sunday, it’s a bit punishing to miss out on the free item.

I love this game so far! It’s been a really nice, sweet and relaxing week I’ve had with it. Unfortunately I started my first game on an iPhone and lost everything in the Android version, but it’s definitely worth the second play! Cute graphics, adorable atmosphere!

Downloaded because I’m a Tsuki’s Adventure fan, this game has the same slow, soothing vibe, I just wish there were more furniture options in the store, it takes forever to decorate Tsuki’s house. I wish there were more activities too, besides fishing.

Very relaxing and “cozy” game. Brings you into the vibe of “sit back and relax”. This game is not for everyone as its objective is “enjoy yourself” in a super casual manner, even so i am happy i found this game – I love it.

It’s fun I’ve been playing for awhile I like it quite a lot! wish I could interact a bit more with other stuff but that’s it! I didn’t even realize I was playing a demo version so when they update I got thrown back a bit but it’s all fine now Very relaxing game would suggest you play

A perfect game for people who enjoy a relaxed game with soothing aesthetics and don’t have too much time to commit to it. Loved the first one, love the second one

I’m much more prefer the game tsuki adventure but I really like the new style here in oddysey, sadly when talk to the villager too much they become annoy in different way in tsuki adventure theres system bond i really love that please make a bonding system with the villager (sorry if my word got wrong I’m bad at English).

I love the game. It’s cute and fun but sometimes the music corrupts and plays like TV static for no reason. It fixes itself only when I restart the game but otherwise I love it.

Look good, but it has some bugs need to be fixed. Some furnitures automatically rotate when switching the location.

I didn’t even realize this game is new until I’m about to review, no wonder why not many things todo yet, I wonder if i can cook all the fish I catch? Looking forward for updates

hello developer, please do fix the login Google Play Games because I unfortunately misclick and uninstall tsuki odyssey and re-install which I try to sign in like tsuki adventure it didn’t save my data so if you consider to fix it for other which won’t go through like me will be appropriate and I don’t mind losing progress as I’m a beta tester so I know this is bound to happen ànd overall the tutorial became much more intuitive and not shove in your face type so thank you for making this game

The art is awesome and so far I think the game is really awesome! I haven’t run into any problems so far so yeah! I really recommend this game it’s great

I like the music abd artstyle. Every characters has their own story. You can also annoy them and see what happens later.

Simple and relax, nice music. However, i have not received my carrots as a reward after completing an offer for free carrots within this game. I sent an email as guided but also had not received any response. Please help to check.

Its a really nice and calming game! But I’ll give it a 4 star, i hope u could do something about the carrots, it’ll be nice if u add quests for tsuki to do and to get carrots as rewards

Amazing game! It’s so relaxing and cute!! And there aren’t a lot of ads! I love it!!

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