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[Game] Tsumego Pro

Tsumego Pro  Improve your Go game (weiqi, baduk) with Tsumego Pro and its large collection of tsumego problems !
Each go problem contains all valid answers and a lot of bad variations, to help you know why you are wrong.

Features :

6 daily problems (of 3 different levels)
Progress mode : the difficulty increases or decreases depending on your level
Offline mode : try to solve all problems in each pack
The app automatically answers your moves
Choose your color (black, white, random)
Browse the solution, or just get a hint
A book theme (black and white)

Tsumego Pro user reviews :

This app is really well done and no fuss! I started using this app years ago as a beginner and the basic problems accelerated my tsumego skills. I used to hate tsumego because even the ‘basic’ problems were difficult. Now the ‘intermediate’ problems are difficult but I enjoy the process of carefully reading (and getting stuck!) as a 5 kyu and has become morning routine. Love the new daily problems and reasonably priced expansion packs! Thank you devs! Would be nice to know for ko or seki

Though it doesn’t do anything in the way of teaching Go techniques exclusively, it does however help augment certain types of play by fierce repetition, making it a very good app for practicing. In my opinion the greatest short coming of the app is the lack of instructions on certain problems which can have multiple outcomes based on how the pieces are initially places, but the app completely ignored all other possibilities and only allows for one solution.

The one issue I have is that there is no explanation of the goal for problems. Sometimes the answer will be to create a ko, sometimes to not create one. And sometimes the arrangement of the stones will make it unclear what group I’m intended to be focusing on.

Great app. I love having dialy problems to work through over a cup of coffee in the morning. The library is extensive too.

Great app which is helping me learn GO. I wish each problem included an analysis that discussed the critical analysis required to solve a problem and pros and cons of move options as you are working each problem. I would pay for that feature.

Very good! This app is helping me resurect my old and rusty Go skills. Ha! So far, with only a couple of exceptions, whenever I think there might be another way to solve the problem, I play it out and find I am wrong!

Great app for practicing Go problems. Much better interface than Hactar. But like most Go apps, there is no explanation of why solutions are good, which would help total beginners.

I don’t like the last update 🙁 I don’t like the dark mode main screens but I like the dark paper board theme which is only available with the dark mode, please make dark paper available from light mode! thank you. Edit: thanks for fixing 🙂
  • LR Studios
  • Thanks for your feedback. We will make the dark paper theme available from the light theme again in the next update.

Great… Four instead of five because I don’t always understand the rationale for solutions. However, this could be due to just learning Go.

Very fun, and helps me understand game of go a lot better. Thank you, developers.

I’m doing my best to learn go & all its intricacies, so this is great in loads of ways, but I could do with a little explanation about what the end point is as without any prior experience the whole thing seems to end somewhat arbitrarily

Great app for beginner to work on different scenario.

Challenging and well guided problems thus far

Today’s “Daily” problem only had one branch and the report button was broken, so here is my report. Honestly, this app is only tolerable because there’s not much competition. Don’t even think of wasting your money on buying packs – you’ll be much better served buying an actual go book that a good Go players has put real thought into.
  • LR Studios
  • Thanks for your feedback. The report feature should now work again with the latest update, it was a bug that happened only on very specific versions of Android which made it hard to track down.

It’s a great app for practicing go problems, new problems are given daily. Nice clean interface. It would be 5 stars if there was more explanation to the solutions, especially the harder ones as it’s often not clear why a move is correct or considered wrong. You have to play out all the variations yourself, which is a good skill to learn but a little help would be nice for a beginner like me

Phenomenal app, best for doing Tsumego. Don’t fall into the trap of doing those puzzles mindlessly. Read/find the correct sequence first till the end and only then play. Otherwise you will acquire bad habit. I also liked the interface and the “daily puzzle” thingy!

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