Twilight Crusade – Involved yourself in the war for survival

[Game] Twilight Crusade

Twilight Crusade  In a world where vampires and humans are at war, chaos continues to spread as the fighting only grows. You’ve managed to live your life away from all of this along with your friend Eli. You were out one day enjoying your day off when on the way home, you’re attacked by a vampire! You prepare for the worst when suddenly, you’re saved by a mysterious huunter named Baron. He manages to save you from the attacking vampire, but not without sustaining wounds himself.

You take Baron back to your home to help him recover from your wounds, but you realize that there’s something different about him… He has the fangs of a vampire! Without knowing it you’ve involved yourself in the war for survival between humans and vampires…


Baron – The Calm Hunter

Despite being a vampire himself, Baron has taken the side of the humans to fight his own kind. Always calm and collected, he uses his heightened senses as well as two hand guns to fight vampires. Adopted and raised by human parents, he came to hate his fellow vampires after both his parents were murdered by one. With a heart filled by vengeance, will you be able to help him discover the joys of life?

Sven – The Passionate Hunter

Sven is another vampire that fights alongside humans and is a good friend of Baron’s. His hand-to-hand combat skills are unmatched and he is able to take on just about any threat with nothing but his fists. He wasn’t always on the side of humanity, but a tragic encounter in the past converted him to our side. Can you unlock the secrets he holds?

Eli – The Energetic Hunter
Your good friend and coworker, Eli is trusted by the people around him and is a strong leader. However, he holds a deep hatred for vampires because of what they took from him in the past. Despite being a human, his reflexes are fast and he can hold his own against a vampire with his trusty knife. You work closely with him in your struggle against the vampire threat, but will you ever be more than close friends?

Twilight Crusade user reviews :

This was a pretty hilarious and ridiculously fun game. I enjoyed it a lot. Rubies are super easy to get if you have patience. I don’t understand why people complain about rubies being hard to get? You literally can get 30+ coins a day from the basic ad and the spin minigame. Just save up till you get 1200 and trade them in for rubies. Simple, just takes awhile. I’ve played 5 Genius Inc games this way and got every ruby choice I wanted free.

I finished playing this a month ago but it’s still gets me to come back all the time which is great! The graphics,plotline/storyline,character art/character themselves are absolutely amazing,no words can describe how much I enjoyed this game. The character ending routes got steamy but the boys kept consent which adds up to myself amazement, highly recommended to all the otome lovers out there.

omggg!!!! I love this story so much I did do all 3 ending and I have to say svens ending was so steamy. I wish that they had more mini games because its hard go rack up points I think that they are a little over priced for the exchange. But over all this was another one of their amazing stories as always.

Loved it! I wish there was a part 2 where your varp is coming back The art is amazing! Enjoyed every piece of it and as always-speacil love to the graphic designers

One of the few games from this company that I felt torn in who to go with at the end, really. I appreciated their personalities and different situations you interacted with them in. The story wasn’t all that enthralling, but I liked the guys enough.

i love the game nothing to really complain about…except the choices that cost gems, cost to much and the game only gives 30 and with as many choices theres not enough. This also goes for other games like twilight crusade, twilight blood, loyalty for love and others they just cost too much! if you dont mind could you lower the gem cost for choices? (the ones i listed and more)

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