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[Game] Twin Tiles

Twin Tiles  Warning! Only 5% of people can pass the first five levels of such board games without losing. Can you do the same?

Twin Tiles is a matching tiles game for memory training and relaxation. And of course, the process is really fun! Having stress at work? Tired of constant learning at university or school? Get rid of that stress and relieve the tension while having fun in this tile app!

In addition to that good time you’ll have, the tile puzzle will also train your memory, so you can perform better at any mental activity after it. It is easy to become a mahjong master with those tiles, trust us! Tile matching game is really good for your brain.

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How to play puzzle match games?

Don’t worry, it’s really easy to play Twin Tiles. You need to connect tiles with the same pictures on them. The tile match mechanic is intuitive and simple but there are still some interesting things about matching cards. Here are some important card match game rules:

Match two tiles with similar pictures on them. After the correct matching, each pair found will be instantly removed from the playing field. You can’t merge tiles that are too far away from each other or have other tiles between them.
Clear the field to pass the level. Each new level brings new challenges, so keep practicing to become a tile master.
You fail in the scenario when you are out of time. There’s a timer upfront on the screen, so pay attention to the amount of time left. Try to match tiles as fast as you can!
There’s such an obstacle as the bomb. These can be spawned anywhere on the game field and make it really difficult to pass the level. Especially when you ignore it!
Different tiles reward you with a different number of points. To get the highest score possible, try to find all possible pairs within the time limit.

Let’s add some power!

Twin Tiles has its own feature combination. Special tricks or power-ups can spice up the gameplay, right? That’s why we have them!

Hint. Need a clue? Here it comes! This ability finds the nearest pair and highlights it. Works until any pair is merged correctly. Sometimes even match masters need a bit of advice!
Shuffle. This power-up changes the positions of all tiles at once. It can be really useful when you’re stuck and can’t find a single pair. Brain puzzle games can be tricky, so don’t hesitate to use shuffle when you need it!
– Theme changer. Hard to connect blocks with those types of pictures on them? Use the changer! It swaps all the pictures on your tiles to make the tile connect easier. This effect fades off with the completion of the current level or any type of game exit.
Wand. Use this booster to add more time. Sometimes logic puzzles need logic solutions!

Get ready for fun mind games!

We know how fun merge games are. That’s why we’re creating our own matching games! Feel free to download our puzzle games and share them with your friends and relatives. Remember – tiles connect players from all over the world!

Our puzzle-solving games are constantly improving. We hope that our tile games will bring something new for everyone. Stay connected to get some good brain-training experience with our vivid and modern logic games!

Twin Tiles user reviews :

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I like (and pay for the ad free version of) the other game made by this developer, in fact when I downloaded their other game I had thought it was the mahjong style we see in this game, BUT I hate the timer! I play mobile games to relax, and I can’t do that with a timer which completely ruins the experience. Even then, I could maybe suck it up, but the constant ads really pushed me over the edge to uninstalling this game. Disappointed because I would have paid for ad free if no timer.
  • AppCraft LLC
  • Hello, thanks for your feedback! We are sorry that you are disappointed by using our app. The timer was supposed to make the game a little more challenging, but if you don’t like it, there is always an option to freeze it for the level. We will try to keep the ads less annoying, but right now they help us develop the game and provide new updates.
Fun when it works. Ads freeze on black screens really often and currently when I open it, it pauses and shuts down. Can’t open it at all.
  • AppCraft LLC
  • Hi Mary, thank you for the review. We are very disappointed that you have problems with our app. Please, reset the IDFA on your phone. The instructions: Please, do not hesitate to contact us at support[at] if you have any other concerns.
Game is fun. Adds are excessive to the extent that you have to watch at least one add to play each level. My biggest complaint is regarding the way the board shuffles. It’s meant to make the levels more challenging, but it is headache inducing and nauseating. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU ARE PRONE TO MIGRAINES!!!! I uninstalled the app because it was legitimately giving me a headache. If you’re sensetive to flashing lights at all, hard pass on this game!!!
  • AppCraft LLC
  • Hello! We are truly sorry that our app is causing you such problems. We will definitely try and improve our shuffle animation for future updates. Thank you for understanding. We hope that you give us another chance and let us prove that we deserve more stars

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