Valkyrie Maker – The great warrior to save the worlds

[Game] Valkyrie Maker

Valkyrie Maker  Gamers of the world, save Yggdrasil with your valkyrie!

Loki, the son of a frost giant, and his worshipers are plunging Yggdrasil with darkness and chaos.

Your vassal, Light, sacrificed himself to make the valkyrie, the great warrior to save the worlds.
Now, lead her to drive out the darkness of Yggdrasil!


All battles have been simplified, so you don’t even need automatic combat.
Since the battles on the normal stages are instantaneous, you can fully concentrate on the growth of the valkyrie.
Though the boss stages take time unlike the normal ones, the battle continues even if you turn off the game. So you don’t have to keep the game turned on all day – you’ll be notified when the battle is over.
No endless loading screen – Meet your valkyrie as soon as you turn on the game.
This is not a simple level-up game. You can raise stats by yourself.

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Valkyrie Maker user reviews :

Edit #1: Please fix the no daily quests bug!!! It’s been affecting every player for about a week and with the EOM (end of month) discount now happening, we can not gain enough gems to buy weapons! Good game, but VERY buggy! (When are the fairies going to be added?) Also, just a suggestion, add a way for valkryies to trade/buy things from each other.

Yeah a bit basic; combat consists of your Valkyrie forming into a glowy orb and bonking against static images like a moth… but she’s a cute moth, so it’s okay. Decent variety of weapon types. And there are a lot of armor/clothing slots to make yourself pretty, but they don’t drop from anywhere I’ve seen yet, and can only be purchased with premium currency. Armor crates with a random piece or enough crystals being granted in the tutorial to roll 11 of them would be nice

1. Game is basic, a time killer which is brilliant. 2.i dislike when people state graphics are awesome, the graphics better be good it’s 2021 not 2011, not a good reason to rate high. 3. Game is paid for everything. Gems, customization, weapons, you cannot customize your own character. Come on 2021 let the people choice. 4. Weapons upgrades are much needed overhaul. Lost 48 gems and 4 weapons and still did not have anything upgraded. Yes I did purchased two packages. Boss battleshould be free.

This is probably one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time. I absolutely love how fast the battles are, and I love how easy it is to learn the best ways to get stronger. The only downside that this game has, is that spotify pauses after every screen. This is annoying but not enough to ythe rating go down a star.

Very fun! Would be cool if hair styles and hair color were separate customization options, same with a few other options. Looking forward to more items to be added in the future if that’s in the plan! Thanks for a fun game!

I like it pretty well other than the ads you can watch to reduce the wait time for boss battles. They’re zoomed in on my screen so that the exit button for the ad is off-screen so even if I watch the ad I don’t get the reduced time because I have to exit from my phones back button which isn’t recognized as a completed view.

It’s a great game I only have one idea there should be a way to discard weapons or runes that you don’t need but if there is a way then nevermind. But honestly great game love it thank you

Fun and art work is good. Long battle tomes for bosses is rather annoying. Can only play for a few minutes then im locked into an hour of down time.

Looks like a prototype game. Having the variety to create your on Valkyrie is cool. I wish there was more than you could do with her. More Quest or more activities.

Quite enjoyable, my only issue is that boss battles are always 1hour. I personally think it would be better if the time taken was determined by stat difference (with 1hour as a base).

I love this game so beautiful and easy. But my problem is that it’s a little hard to earn crystals by the way it’s still beautiful.

Simple and easy to play. Would be better if character can be turned around like a 3d model.

Good game for time pass. More customisation for Valkyrie would be nice. Like body dimesions etc.

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