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[App] Verse In My Heart

Verse In My Heart  Verse In My Heart, helps you memorize Bible verses using fun and engaging memory games.

Main Features:

Simple design that’s easy to use
Smart reminders to remind you to review the verses before you start to forget them
It’s in English and Arabic languages
Memorize with KJV, ESV, AKJV, ASV, AVD (Arabic) الكتاب المقدس العربية
Sync between multiple devices
Add the verses you want to memorize when you’re online, then review them offline, anywhere.

Memory games to help you memorize the bible:

Write the first letter of very word
Arrange the verse
Fill in the gaps
Choose the right reference

And every game increases in difficulty based on your progress

Verse In My Heart app is a great addition to Bible studies, and Sunday school classes. It makes memorization enjoyable, fun, and effective and helps you become spiritually strong as you draw closer to the Lord.

Verse In My Heart user reviews :

I enjoy the app a lot. The games or process used for memorization is simple, user friendly and straightforward. I will continue to use this app. My wishlist though is a way to see when I am going to review a scripture again. I sometimes have days when I am not working on any scripture and others where I am reviewing multiple verses. I understand that will happen depending on how well I am memorizing but knowing what is coming might help me know when to add a new scripture into the rotation.

It’s great, except it has a limited amount of version of the Bible, and the versions they have I don’t really like or have never heard of. The only version of the Bible they have that I have heard of is KJV, but it’s not my favorite. I think they should at least get NKJV, NIV, and NIRV since those are some of the more popular versions.

I agree with quite a few other reviewers, this is a great way to memorize scripture, but a few options would be icing on the cake. 1. Having the option to set part of the verse to memorize (words of Jesus only and not include the “and he said to those with him…”) 2. An option to pick multiple verses on a single card, even a combination of the two would be very helpful indeed. Hopefully the devs are looking at comments to make this more tailored to the different ways people memorize.

This is absolutely AMAZING. Was looking for something to help me memorize scripture and something that would keep me on my toes. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! PLUS it’s set up like a game with three hearts on the top. Keeping things interesting. I LOVE IT and the fact that there are no adds playing every other minute makes me love it that much more!!! Thank you so much for this app!

This is a good app to use, but the only downfall is that there are only 4 versions you can choose from to memorize. It would be nice if they added more translations (specifically NASB) or a way to copy the verses from my mobile Bible to the app to use different versions. Also it would be good to group more than one verse together. Say instead of having separate reviews from 1 Tim 2:5 then 6, give the option to do 1 Tim 2:5-6

Love it! Almost exactly what I was looking for! A couple changes I’d like to see… allow memorized verses to be sorted and filed and it would be nice if the app recommended verses to memorize.

This app is amazing!! It makes you think and makes memorizing scripture so much easier and engaging. Absolutely love it. 10/10 would recommend to others

Great concept, but why aren’t NIV and NLT translations options? I would love to have this app interact with habitica where i could work with friends to memorize verses and gamify the process to make it even more engaging.

Excellent app! Wish there were more translations of the bible. Overall beautiful and fun way to learn and memories the verses!!

This is a very fun way to memorize scripture and is a clear, structured guide to doing so. Unfortunately, I only see 4 translations from which to choose and the AKJV is a modern English version: “thy”, “thee” have been changed to “your” and “you”. This poses a challenge to reviewing verses one has previously memorized. Therefore, I would recommend this to beginners who have not memorized much already, or for use in memorizing new verses. Again, it is a very fun game.

Yep, agree with the rest of the reviewers, this is a great app, but the updates are requires for that 5 star rating

This app is amazing. It does help, but i will suggest that, they add a night mode in the settings and also more bible translations for a clearer understanding of scriptures.

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