Viking Village – Build and defend your villages

[Game] Viking Village

Viking Village  Viking Village is a free classic real time strategy game brimming with pure fun!

Lots of Heroes with unique abilities and Pets!
Build and defend your villages without time limitations.
Play in top down view or control the hero in third person view.

Viking Village is a minimalist real-time strategy/base defense hybrid game in which you build and defend a village from evil knights. Collect resources, build archer towers at strategic positions and control melee Viking warriors directly to survive. Attack enemy village and destroy their village fire to win. Capture powerful barbarians to add to your defense. Even control deer directly if you need some extra attack power! Attack pirate camps to get some extra resources.

Game Modes:
Survive 20 days: Defend your village for 20 days.
Quick Survival: No buildings and villagers. Just your hero, pet and units defending against constant waves of enemies.
Sandbox: No resource limits. Pure mindless fun!
Peaceful: No enemies. Just build a peaceful village.

Lots of Heroes with special abilities and unique pets – sometimes the pets have their own pets! :)
Train Villagers, Warriors and Archers
Create farms, mines and plant trees to gather resources
Take control of deer and attack enemies with them!
Defeat pirates to get resources, or hire them to protect your village
Capture the Barbarian, and he will defend the village and even gathers resources by killing pirates!
Defeat the Pirate Captain, to have a powerful unit to watch over your village. Alternatively, just give some resources to hire him!
Play in top-down view or control a warrior in 3rd person mode.
Villagers are completely AI controlled, so that you can focus on building and combat. Optionally control them if you need to.
Beautiful graphics

How to play:
Tap on wooden stumps to create farms, trees or stone mines.
Tap on ‘Create Unit’ button, then tap on ‘Villager’ button to spawn a villager. Villagers will automatically start gathering resources from a free farm, tree or stone mine. Only 1 villager can work on a resource site.
Hero is selected by default – tap anywhere on the ground to move the hero. Hero’s pet will follow automatically.
Create warriors and archers by tapping on ‘Create Unit’ button.
Villagers, warriors and archers need houses – make more houses by tapping on ‘Build’ button
Defend the village fire at all costs – enemies will come every night to destroy it.
Amass an army and destroy the enemy village fire to win.

Made with love!

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Viking Village user reviews :

So i was looking for an AoE like game this game looked promising,i downloaded it(i know it’s free and you have to pay to get ads and other stuff removed).BUT you want to charge me almost 21 Euros for that???? Don’t you think that’s a little much??? Uninstalled it.
  • Limitless, LLC
  • Thank you for the review – all IAPs are optional characters. You can play the whole game without paying anything.

This game is awesome. Incredible graphics and a great frame rate. And don’t forget the good content.

I love the RTS with the TPV Gameplay This game is great but yet simplicit, all though i surly hope That the developer can add other cultures with a whole full app touch up just for adding extra modes like triple threat 1vs1vs1 a d Fatal 4 mode and also adding in items and gear for hero that can help hour village or hereos attributes I know The developer can definetly update this game and make it more of a badass game than it already is please consider buffing this game up for sure, ill tap 5 stars

Game is pretty good but the different items on the level should look different as it levels up so you can tell the difference otherwise you have to click on each item to see if what level it is then upgrade it and it takes a long time, also when your training units there should be an indicator somewhere that shows how many of each troop type you already have so you kind of know what area you may need more troops in

The game mode should end only if u complete, failed or exit, it should not end randomly that really kill vibes, so please developers fix that.

Great game that I have ever played.. Love u limitless for this great game. I do suggest every one to download this game and enjoy the great gameplay. If there is a Switch for turn off the quick day night mode. it were better for me. please Make a switch for turn on/off day night mode. I love to play only day or only night separate mode. plz

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