Viridi – Place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet

[Game] Viridi

Viridi  Nurture a small pot of succulents that grow in real time.

Viridi is a safe haven, a place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever, and wherever you need it.

While not fully realistic (they’re very forgiving), your succulents will require some maintenance and can die from over- or under-watering. Name your favorite plants, give them special care and attention, and they might even flower for you.

Viridi is free to try and comes with your choice of plant assortment. If you think it has a place in your life, you can buy your favorite plants from the in-game nursery for just a few cents a piece. Remember to visit the nursery occasionally for your weekly free seeding!

Designed to be the ideal happy place game … Viridi is a primer, a simulation, and a love letter to this branch of botany, all rolled into one
Fast Company

Yes, you do need an ultra-zen video game about growing succulents … tending to these digital plants offers a seriously calming experience
The Huffington Post

The most chilled out and peaceful game I’ve ever seen

In addition to learning about real-life varieties of succulents, what you are learning when you play games of this type is how to create a quiet, mindful moment in your day using unusual tools
National Geographic

Viridi was made by: Zoe Vartanian, Isa Hutchinson, Badru, & Michael Bell

Viridi user reviews :

This game is really relaxing. I struggle with my mental health and when I have a rough day I can just put in earbuds and open to my pot. The music is amazing and I love the simple graphics. This has been an amazing help with my anxiety and adhd. Also I love the fact that you can buy different plants and their is a good variety but you also get a free seed each week and you can get the more expensive ones with that so all in all it’s just an amazing game

I love the game it’s nice to check in on everyday when I have a free moment but its so hard to open. It crashes as soon as I click on it to open it. It shows the ice water screen and immediately reverts back to my home screen which makes this very unenjoyable. I thought it might just be my phone but another review said something similar. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Amazing mobile version of the coolest grow sim out there. Can’t say enough good things about Ice Water Games and Badru, top tier indie games every time. I stream this on Twitch, community loves it with chill beats and chat. Best advice: This is a passive experience, so put it on regularly and use it like a decoration in your space. Excellent tablet while charging stuff for example. It’ll make your life better, and the in app purchases are cheap and worth it. Keep up the great work!

Game is simple; water your plants when they get thirsty (every few days with most), plant new ones when you want, and rearrange them to make cool looking pots. Despite (or maybe due to) the simplicity, it’s a really relaxing experience, and you get to watch your little succulents grow and blossom! 1 star is off due to the microtransactions. I don’t mind paying a tiny bit to get more seedlings from time to time (support indie devs!), but I wish the other rooms were cheaper.

I love succulents but I’m terrible at keeping plants alive. This app has a nice variety of plants and while they will get very thirsty over time, they’ll never die. Perfect for someone with a black thumb like me! My only complaint is that it can get a little tricky targeting plants for watering when you have a lot of them in your pot.

Nice relaxing game but limited. You only get one pot, you initially get 6 or 7 plants in that pot but cant move them to another, just trash them. You can pay for alot of stuff in app, not too much but not the point. I don’t pay to play so I check it once a month or so and it’s cute with relaxing music. But unless you pay for more pots not much else to do. I’ve collected a few seedlings too but can’t plant them as I ONLY HAVE ONE POT.

I love this app so much because I can easily come back to my plants and revive them after long periods (unlike real life), but the flashing of day to night after a long time of not visiting is a bit too much for my eyes, could there possibly be an option to disable it or slow it down??

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