Vlinder Gacha – You can enjoy the fun of catching dolls

[Game] Vlinder Gacha – Stylish Dressup

Vlinder Gacha  Do you like to catch the doll in the claw machine?

Will you stop and catch the doll when you see the claw machine? Do you want to experience the arcade’s most popular doll grabber machine?
Today, Vlinder Gacha will help you achieve these wishes!

In Vlinder Gacha, you can enjoy the fun of catching dolls, get a wonderful surprise experience brought by mysterious gifts, and you can also dress up & Create your own fashion dolls! Come download and join us!

Vlinder Gacha

Experience the fun of gachapon by simulating the process of real gachapon.
Acquire your own fashion dolls through DIY!
Collect over 240+ clothes Gifts to add to your collection!
Can create your own lovely character with any combination of various costumes and hairstyles!
Play offline! No WiFi required!

Game Features
Four themed gachapon machines (ocean, universe, circus, constellation)
Themed storage cabinet
DIY set display cabinet
A dazzling array of gacha shops
All game content is 100% free!

Find cute and beautiful doll girls in this surprise game, and gather your collection cabinet!
Now download Vlinder Gacha and start your own collection journey!

If you have any questions, find errors or have new ideas, please contact us! We really appreciate your help!

Contact Us
Vlinder GachaFB group:www.facebook.com/groups/1050741318721305
Vlinder GachaFeedback email:support[at]31gamestudio.com

Vlinder Gacha user reviews :

I like this game but I wish there were less ads for every single clothing item because the ads barely even load sometimes it says buffering then it stops and other times it says loading then it stops to where I have to wait. Also I would like it if they fixed that. But at least I successfully make Nezuko! But I don’t like this game that much….

Here is my review. I really like the outfits and the decorations! But I am a anime fan and I see you added demon slayer clothing, could you please add a few more demon slayer clothing because I am a really big fan and I have been struggling trying to make some demon slayer characters except Nezuko and Shinobu because you added their outfits. Thank you if you had read my review.

I love it! Its super cute! And I love how all of the cute clothing look adorable. I would give this a 10/10 if I could

I really like playing it it’s like a nice fun game like you with her dress up your own characters but I hate how there’s barely any your own DIY ones you can’t make very many of those which is very sad so yeah

Very cute, love the gatcha aspect. If u dont like ads might not be the game for u.

It’s a very fun game that I play when I’m bored or sad, but one recommendation. Perhaps the ability to save your little characters and place them in scenes with other characters? Just a suggestion. Love the game, very nice and calming!

This game is very nice even though it kinda has too much ads

I’ve only been playing the game for three days now and I love it so much its really cute and pretty I play it on my free time I love so much!

cute and enjoyable. a lot of ads though

I like this app because you can make different kinds of dolls/gacha dolls for your mood!

Like it too long and you can see it is things you can use or just been thinking of the party Season Ep

Hello im bored with this game because there is no things like you make your character with a other character

It’s nice I love it I get to have so much money and I can buy it all those cute things the cute clothes and everything

I like it it seems much more fun than vinder doll

I love playing this cute game with gacha character’s

Good game :) I would recommend

I love it bountiful so fun and cute TYSM for making this game!

Way too many ads. I’m already watching ads to get rewards. I don’t need one as soon as I get the ball or switch the category.

I love this so much make more plz

I love thus game i can make so many character like nezuko-chan i love it 5 stars espically if u love anime like me so calling all anime weebs we have another game

This app is soooo cute

This game is so good and i paly thais game when I am bored

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