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Voice flashlightVoice flashlight : The first voice powered flashlight, nightlight, strobe light, security light.

Introducing the world’s first and only voice controlled flashlight!
A lightweight & no-nonsense flashlight / strobe light / siri light.

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With almost zero requested permissions, fast start-up times, intuitive controls, voice-noise mode and the fastest strobe on the market, it’s not just another flashlight application. It’s THE Voice flashlight App and it’s FREE!

Features Include:
*Turn the light on and off just by saying “light on/off”!
*Fastest strobe light on the market. So fast, it might even give you seizures (we’re not kidding).
*Noise powered light – While it’s implementations could be numerous, we mostly use it as a nightlight or a security light.
*Screen light with optional “Always-on” and “Random color” settings if your LED is on the fritz.
*Two-tap navigation – This app was built with ease of use in mind. All four light modes are easily accessed from the main screen.
*Fast start-up plus optional flash auto-on on start.
*Just two permissions required – Why a flashlight would need to track your location, change system settings and have internet access beats us. Your privacy and security is our number one concern as it should be yours!

Also check out Voice Flashlight Pro! For just 99 cents you can use your own custom commands, adjust microphone sensitivity, timer and more!

Hardware Controls
No we don’t secretly take pictures or record conversations. We just use the camera controls to turn on your LED and microphone controls for the Voice light. That’s it!


P.S. If you experience any issues with the application, let us know and we’ll take care of it right away!

Voice flashlight user reviews:

Amazing Stuff!!! :) Just Try it! recomended!

I never had this cool flashlight, that I can actualy control with my beautiful voice

The best app, thanks!!!!!!

Love this simple to use design, also I found voice cotrolled flashlight very useful in many different situations

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