Voice Metronome – Plays numeric counts with real voices

[App] Voice Metronome by IonaPlays

Voice Metronome  More sub-beat options added!!! Please check it out!!!

Aren’t you tired of boring and ineffective metronomes that only play beeps for beats?

Iona Voice Metronome plays numeric counts with real voices, which simulates how instructors do in actual lessons.

It’s very simple and straightforward to use for any beginners and useful especially for those practicing wind instruments like a saxophone.

Please visit our Facebook Page to learn more about how to use the product.

*The app currently supports English and Korean voices only.

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Voice Metronome user reviews :

Thank you IonaWorks. This app has transformed my accordion practise. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Voice is so much more effective than mere beeps! The app is free and already wonderful so it seems churlish to ask for improvements, but here are two suggestions for the future. (1) Allow storage of frequently used speed settings. (2) Make the phone stay awake while the app is running. (In the meantime I’m using ‘Caffeine – Keep Screen On’ to take care of Item 2). Thanks again

I almost didn’t install this because of a previous review that said that said there was nothing for the 8th notes but they must have added it because there is now a count for the 8th notes as well. Thank you, this is great!

Four stars for now because there’s no eighth note, 16th note, triplets, sextuplets yet. I hope the developer will put voice pack for other notes too. However, I love this, and it’s the only metronome app in google play that has voice. I only see like this in IOS. Thanks!

I do like it very much. The voice counting nuances are a step above the many metronome I tried. If you add an option to break between counting it would be a tremendous tool for golfers like me. For example [1 2 3 4] stops for x number of seconds then [1 2 3 4] then stop again… If you have that option I would pay 5 bucks or more without a second thought. Thanks for the effort.

This is a life saver for learning piano. It’s almost as good as my teacher constantly reminding me to count! One criticism: the lowest bpm is 40. However, as a new student I need it slower. Please enable a slower tempo to at least 30. Also, dog barking option is cute but useless. Perhaps more options for a metronome sound (without voice) would be nice.

Must go slower. GUI is superb and so stylish. Dogs all jump on you if using bark. MUST be able to change upper and lower signature separately. Must be able to make 12/8 for example. Would be nice if could lower or raise the volume of “and” or some ands to get rhythm right or it’s distracting a bit. Maybe better if slowed down.

This is good. Unique because of the voice. But… Just continue to improve the options and interface. Add triplets, sixteenth notes, rest counts, etcetera. Plus better tempo increment adjuster. Maybe we can just enter in specific tempo numbers to improve precision.

Ok but could do with option to lower volume of the ‘And’ in eight notes. It’s louder than the count

I really like it! It is far better than the hard to hear click style metronomes. unfortunately it just stops working seamingly at random. it then has to be shut off and restarted.

It’s a excellant app to use while you pratice music. I use this app to teach my students to subdivide their rhythm. Also being able to hear what number of beat you are on is very helpful. I wish they add 16th notes subdivision.

This app is very easy to use and I used this metronome every time I practice piano. I also saw a lot of people around me used this app during piano class, haha. Great app anyway,

I have used this app for years. I’m a band director. I play it through a sound system. Saves me counting. It also allows me to play along with my students while they learn the counting.

This app has been great. It works well. It has various Tempos and my favorite, a “voice” that counts ~ as well as metronome tick-tock sounds. Great app!

I was looking for a tick tick mode I set puppy and then a beep like life support came to mind If I was able to get the tick tick going this been fine but for no ads or permission I happily give 4 star’s

awesome metronome, it’s has more interactive option for learning fun and easy BPM

I love it somehow makes your movement on piano faster. Great metronome

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