Vows of Eternity – Uncover the secrets of an everlasting love affair

[Game] Vows of Eternity

Vows of Eternity  You are an aspiring writer hoping to get into university.

You leave the comforts of the countryside to pursue your studies, but getting a scholarship seems a lot harder than you’ve imagined! Even with a part-time job at a quaint cafe, you’re barely making ends meet, and the dream of getting a college degree seems to be slipping away from your grasp.

That is until destiny smacks you in the face–literally! You find an ad for a scholarship in a local newspaper and apply by submitting a piece of poetry that you’ve written. Kieran, the mysterious CEO behind it all, invites you to his lavish mansion where he tells you you’ve got the full scholarship! He evens says he’ll provide you with a room at his mansion!

Totally blown away by this sudden proposal, you return home to process the day’s events. But that night, you wake up to a terrifying intruder that’s after you! Just when you think you’re a goner, Kieran and two other handsome men come to your rescue! During the fight, you realize that Kieran is not a normal human…he is an immortal! They all promise to protect you no matter the cost.

Who are these men and why are they helping you?
Why did Kieran suggest you live together with him?

Uncover the secrets of an everlasting love affair, 500 years in the making!

Kieran: The Stoic Immortal

Cool and unexpressive, Kieran is an immortal who’s lived for more than 500 years. Accumulating a vast amount of wealth over time, he runs a scholarship foundation that helps people with literary talents, as well as an orphanage for abandoned children.

He is particularly fond of reading romance stories, but his actions towards you seem a bit hostile, making it difficult to strike a conversation. Will you be able to see what’s truly in his heart?

Miklan: The Stellar Secretary

Jack-of-all trades Miklan is a remarkable employee. He handles Kieran’s businesses smoothly, all the while being a positive ball of sunshine. Very dependable and a great motivator, he earns your trust quickly, but there seems to be a hidden sadness behind his crystalline bright eyes…

Everett: The Devoted Fighter

With a penchant for mixed martial arts, Everett is a strong and ever-reliable buddy. Having known you since childhood, he supports you in your endeavors every step of the way. But with every smile he shows you, there’s a hidden wish in his heart that’s hoping to be heard…

Vows of Eternity user reviews :

This one was really fun! When the whole thing ended, I had to take a sec to be like, ‘did all that really happen?!’ It took a little bit to think through the whole thing and process how things went. The game is really complex for my constantly confused mind. I can usually predict how these games play out, but this one didn’t follow the same simple outline of a lot of the other Genius Inc games. I haven’t had the game downloaded for a while bit it still gets me thinking about the whole timeline.

The game was amazing as usual. Details, characters and plot line were all amazing. But I have an idea. It would be amazing if you could make it possible to go back and reread previous chapters without having to completely restart the game. I’ve wanted to go back and reread old chapter so many times, but as an avid reader, I cant help myself but fly through the story on my first read through. So making previous chapters available at all times would be cool. thanks again for such an amazing game.

You guys….I wish you could reply to reviews. To the people complaining about the premium choices. Don’t worry about it. Even if you select a premium choices it doesn’t effect the story. Like if the characters kiss they will go right back to as if it never happened. I just select the free choices and I’m happy. Genius should lower the price though or increase the value. It’s ridiculous that the cheapest option usually doesn’t even give enough gems to make one choice.

Beautiful, as usual. The only thing I would change is that I would like to learn more about the characters. Just little things, like what Everette, Kieran, and Miklan do in their free time when they’re not training, brooding (I say this with affection; Kieran is my favorite and I love him), and helping everyone else, respectively, etc. Also, how does Everette remember his past as a knight if the main character only remembers because she’s a witch and Kieran only remembers because he’s immortal?

I LOVE your games SO much! I ALMOST cried on three of them! I had to get some of my family members to press the buttons so i wouldn’t be heart broken!

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