War of Kings – Build your own clan and empire step by step

[Game] War of Kings

War of Kings  War of Kings is one of the best strategy (RTS) Battle games for Android devices,

The story begins in a world full of wars , conflicts and Clash between clans, you must start in the search for soldiers and allies and you will be the commander and Legend and then build your own clan and empire step by step and fight Kingdoms and enemies in Global War who are near you , King of Thrones!

Features :

Multiplayer “Online Play Mode” :
You can start looking for opponents from around the world and fight them with Friends and win loot and gems to develop civilization kingdoms,

Without Internet “Offline Play Mode”:
Don’t have an Internet connection?! Do not worry you can play continuously with enemies without the need to connect to the Internet.

Many civilizations:
European civilization, Turkish civilization, Spanish civilization, Arab civilization, Vietnamese civilization, Russian civilization, Indian civilization and much much more

Voice and written chat:
You can chat with your friends during the war and interact with them

Friends List :
You can send friendships request with others, receive friend requests and play with them

Different modes of war:
You can play the game in a 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 3 or 3 vs.

House of Dragons :
Fight to summon dragons that will destroy your enemies once they are close to your clan.

Soldiers and monsters from several worlds:
There are many human soldiers and other Orcs and un-dead monsters.

Easy control:
Easy control and there are dozens of tools to easily control soldiers and move them anywhere, clash kingdom try to discover it!

Many options to develop your clan:
We believe that everyone has their own strategy so dozens of features and tools are provided that make your clan developed and powerful to defeat enemies.

Use your intelligence:
In the “War of Kings” game intelligence is the key to winning, so you have to devise your own strategies effective and powerful to overcome your opponents.

Multiple avatars:
You can choose your RPG avatar to be the symbol of your clan.

Clan Development
When you start the battle with the opponent there is a building called “Academy” from which you can develop the capabilities of your soldiers and increase your resources to make the clan large and powerful ,battle kingdoms.

Many resources:
You have to make the workers work to collect resources for the survival of the citizens. There are resources of wood, stone, gold and wheat, so you must keep your resources at parity.

War of Kings possesses many wonderful music that makes you in constant thinking to develop your clan to be the strongest!

Small size and little use of Internet data:
Don’t worry about losing your internet data, we have succeeded in making Kings War game one of the best games that use very little internet data and also the size of the game on your phone.

We hope you enjoy and share the game to friends and do not forget to leave us your opinion and criticism to make the game more interesting.


War of Kings user reviews :

Fantastic game, gameplay is brilliant and the add system is no hassle at all. The terrain is still quite bare and all troops between factions look the same in terms of skins. But that is an easy fix for the next updates to come. Brilliant work devs!

This is by far one of the best games I’ve played. The game play and everything in it is on point, but there should be more stuff added to it to make more people want to play it more like adding moddern technology upgrades for each race and units. There also should be different maps. Also there should be a shop where everyone can buy and upgrade there units, research units, and have clan battles for more loot and gold. Finally the maps should be a little larger for the modern technologies.

This is like playing Really Early Alpha. Most of mechanics are far better done in other RTS games on mobile. There is no indicators of when you press attack on an unit. Units randomly pick targets they attack. There is no group making or group select only some arbitary number that will often make you select units you dont want. Why can’t i have push and than select a group?. Animations often just turn off so you look at workers and they just don’t move. And Ads after every game. Just No!
  • Falcon Studios.
  • Dear player, Please kindly report your problem or suggestion along with your detailed information through support[at]falcon-studios.net. We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.

1)Map is very little detailed.its just a smooth clean map with trees and silver on it.Add more thing. 2)Sieze units are missing Suggestion is take a look on pc game Age of Empires II. 3)Add multiplayer mode . 2vs 2 and 1vs 1 is not enough 4)Game lags very badly during battle , when you attack with a large army 5)ios support not available 6) player id is not available like in pubg mobile.7)can not see units healing 8) no option to see hp or life of unit and building and way to repair it

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