War Paradise – Become the ultimate commander

[Game] War Paradise – Lost Z Empire

War Paradise  Become the ultimate commander and conquer the throne!

On a mysterious tropical island, a corrupt organization has weaponized the undead and unleashed them on its inhabitants. You have been called to strategize and cleanse the island.

Build a Base for Survival

Improve your facilities to provide support and resources to raise a massive army
Establish research centers to boost your economy, troops, and zombie hunting power
Upgrade your defenses against unsuspecting invasions
Manufacture highly sophisticated weaponry and equipment

Recruit Powerful Heroes

Complete events to collect Heroes from different backgrounds
Use up to 5 heroes simultaneously for rallying, defending and attacking
Power up your troops with unique Hero Battle Skills
Create different Hero squads to execute specialized strategies

Protect your Alliance
Rally against your enemies and control the Warzone
Help your allies and receive gifts and rewards
Use Alliance points to shop for essential supplies
Chat with players from around the globe

What makes War Paradise: Lost Z Empire an exciting new simulation strategy game?

Sustainable Content Release
Player experience is our top priority. We are committed to making the game sustainable by utilizing player feedback and carefully monitored game economy

A Game for all Players
Free-to-play players can expect to be rewarded for their time and will be able to compete on an even playing field
Player spending will be delicately managed to maintain balance in the Warzone

Follow our social media pages for news and updates:

Discord: discord.gg/warparadisegame
Facebook: www.facebook.com/warparadisegame
Instagram: www.instagram.com/warparadisegame

We will always welcome player feedback and suggestions to improve the game. Please send them to support@rallygamesco.com.

War Paradise user reviews :

It’s a war strategy game. I enjoy them but I’ve been playing for over a month and I can tell you this don’t expect to not come out of pocket or wait for a really long time to get what you want (insert another really back there). It’ll probably die off because of the wait times and honestly having to buy basically everything I spent $50 that’s all the further I’m willing to go on a mobile game anymore.
  • Rally Games Co
  • We work hard to ensure the game is enjoyable for all users. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We will keep it in mind as we continue to make improvements to the game. If there’s anything else we can do to improve your experience please reach out to us via support[at]rallygamesco.com.

Usual building game, blah blah. BUT this game is very friendly to free to play, in fact it is very generous as you can get up to 1500 golds daily (only if you are high level), when u first play, u can only get around 500-600 golds daily but if u spam buy vip points everyday and get till vip 9, u can get around 900 golds and once u have strong troops, u should easily get 1500 golds daily. I only took 23 days to get to vip 10 without spending any cents.

Great game if you’re into slg’s, easy to progress as a free/casual player, lots of little details and features that I always had to pay for in other games come standard. I’ve got a good alliance and there’s always something fun to do.

So far its ok just feels like another remake of game of war. The test will be how easy it is to stay shielded or if the game wants to make people who don’t pay burn all the time.

The visual of the city is small in the wilderness, better troops are unlocked by research, all building is on tiles. Different troops can all be trained in one barrack

Games alright so far but it’s still way to early really to say much about it but I’d say one thing be better if the game was played on its side instead of up and down

Game is good but 2 times showing wrong massage update fail. I can check it update in playstore update not show.. Fix it this massage bugs

Why I keep have a request time out at loading screen? I’m using my mobile data, and I’m still can’t login in to the game
  • Rally Games Co
  • Hi there, thanks for letting us know you’ve had trouble loading the game. Please email us at support[at]rallygamesco.com so we can investigate and hopefully fix whatever’s causing the request timeout. We’re standing by to help!

Great game is super fun and addictive!!! Lots stuff to do

Excellent game for beta. Addictive. 10\10.

Game with better graphic and feel crazy

Logo reminds me of Keanu Reeves. Fun game and easy to play.

Love the game just needs more people to make it great

I’ll give 5 stars when you will make the game available in landscape mode and fix more bugs

Great game but fix some bug specially lagging fix that!!!

You copied lords mobile and made this game even better than lords mobile keep it up

This game is ok I guess.the world I was in wasn’t the best.the ppl who pay to play made it really unfair and not worth the time to even try.if you could just lvl it maybe a lil easier for the ones who don’t pay to play keep up.but by the time you research and lvl up your troops they are 2 lvls ahead .so it’s really just not worth the time or effort just to be burned when ever they feel like it.i also see the ppl who have gave a 5 star rating payed to play.
  • Rally Games Co
  • Hey there, thanks for playing, and for your feedback! Ensuring that the game is fair and playable for free players is one of our primary goals. We’ve noted your concerns here and will keep them in mind for future updates so we can work to keep the game balanced and fun for everyone.

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