Warfronts – Fight bandit clans in epic battles

[Game] Warfronts – Battle For Toria! PvP MMO Strategy Game (Early Access)

Warfronts  Welcome to the islands of Toria, a kingdom of lords, castles… and war!

Fight bandit clans in epic battles, unravel the secrets behind the bandit invasion and free this glorious island kingdom!

Get to the frontline in this addictive, free-to-play MMO strategy game. In Warfronts, the forces of good must battle a terryfiying legion of enemies: clash on the field of battle, grow your village so that it can rise to the majesty of an epic castle kingdom, and test your strategy skills against rival clans! Build, battle and become lord of the mighty kingdom of Toria!


Raid other players’ villages in PVP MMO Multiplayer games: put rival clans’ defenses to the test and loot rival clans’ resources.
Farm precious resources and use them to upgrade your buildings and armies.
Rise in stature as your village grows from modest township to castle fortress.
Customize your attacks with your fearsome arsenal of mobile troops, spells, beasts and Heroes on the frontline.
Hone your strategy to triumph in Warfronts, a game that is easy to pick up but hard to master.
Instantly field a highly mobile army without the need for training. All a good soldier needs is food in their belly!
Uncover the malevolent force that started this bandit war in the epic Single Player Campaign.
Discover four Factions, each with its own charismatic leader, legion of unique units and frightening abilities.
Rise up the Leaderboard by winning each PVP clash and become Lord of Toria!

In the land of Toria, four great kingdoms have lived without war for as long as most can remember. In the North, where icy mountains rise, live the Northmen of Oskil. To the South, a legion of nomadic desert clans, known as the Tribes of Cashal, carry out their strange rituals. Deep within the Forest of Dey, to the West of the island, the Woodfolk live wild and free in their treetop villages. And amid them all, The Citizens of Evergreen Meadows farm and thrive.

An unspoken truce has prevented any clash between these very different kingdoms, the only threat springing from the now rare, sporadic bandit attacks. But now the raids are on the rise, a legion of bandits marching under one banner, united by some unknown cause. The great kingdoms have languished in peace for too long and are vulnerable. Only by allying and combining their individual strengths, will the great kingdoms be able to battle this new threat.

Young Leader, we need you to set up an outpost in the East of the island, on the frontline no less, and repel the invaders! Farm, mine gold, and bring war to the enemy’s front door! And for Toria’s sake, don’t forget your toothbrush!

Do you like RPG games? Boom! Do you like games with epic battles? Boom! Games with PVP clashes? Games with base management? Games with unit customization and deep strategy? Games with a good old Single Player Campaign? Games with unique factions, clans and characters? Games with Multiplayer Leaderboards? Games with addictive gameplay? Boom! Warfronts has it all and is FREE-to-play!

Please note: Warfronts is free-to-play mobile game, but you can also purchase some in-game items for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings and enjoy Warfronts completely free.

A network connection is needed.

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Warfronts: Terms of Service: www.sandforge.net/terms-of-service

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