Warriors of medieval walls – Manage your squad and gain new victories

[Game] Warriors of medieval walls – Hardcore RPG

Warriors of medieval walls  World of hardcore tactical turn-based RPG strategy based on old representatives of genre.

Complete missions and quest for selected races.

Recruit and equip heroes and soldiers of your squad. Manage your squad and gain new victories.

Choose path of development for your warriors. Make them evolve by gaining experience in battles.

Move on map. Capture all the castles and mines. Get gold in occupied territories.

Destroy monsters and clear catacombs. Find all artifacts and weapons.

Defend walls of your medieval castle!

3D Low Poly graphics and gameplay made by 1 indie developer. For many years I was waiting for someone to create game similar to old strategy with a lot of mechanics. Patience is over. I decided to develop such a game myself. You can see and evaluate what came of it.

classic step-by-step battles with many mechanics;
3D Low Poly graphics;
different races, heroes and warriors for hire;
choosing the evolutionary path of your race warriors;
possibility of placing warriors of squad before battle;
access to various unit actions during battle;
various artifacts and equipment;
many enemies with unique characteristics and abilities;
capture of castles and mines on map;
gold mining in occupied territories;
mission and quest chains;

Youtube Development Blog: youtube.com/channel/UCOiY7DAmqKv3IcslhQCjfqg
Vkontakte Development Blog: vk.com/warriorsofmedievalwalls

Warriors of medieval walls user reviews :

A zero-budget though surprisingly detailed mobile remake of Disciples 2. I see a lot of work gone into coding but the game suffers from several things: poor English, poor gfx and gui design – it desperately needs an artist’s touch (it has detailed 3d models but the color palette is atrocious and the faces of units look deformed). Mobile is just a wrong platform for this, and for PC the game needs to have an artist on the dev team
  • Денис Гарин
  • Thank you for your pleasant review. Because I made the game alone and I’m a programmer, not an artist, unfortunately.
Sir that’s a fabulous game I have one doubt How to unlock 3rd career of troops ? Edit : thanks but sir it is showing that i have to buy it But I can’t buy it but i also want to play it if you can make it free
  • Денис Гарин
  • Thanks. In the second Kingdom mission, the 3rd career stage is unlocked.

I like this game it has a runescape feel to it and is turn based the chracters can die if you play carelessly which makes the game more interesting and fun. Will review more as I play and progress

Wasn’t expecting much, but I really love the feel of this game. Had heaps of fun. Thanks
  • Денис Гарин
  • Thanks for enjoyable review

Solid experience! The game plays similar to the Disciples classic, minus capturing the mana sources. The visuals are simple but have style. Nice animations. As a solo dev myself I can say a lot of thought and effort went into the game design, coding and balancing. No runtime issues so far. There’s huge space for improvement on the UX side – camera, controls, tutorial, UI feedback etc., but I’m sure the developer has a list of improvements planned there. Great job!

Hey developer good attempt for your first app or game in android playstore.I appreciate the pain and effort that you have put into making this game .

Nostalgic. Keep what you’re doing man. I really hope you’ll succeed and make a great game out of it! I’m looking forward for updates!

5☆ za materiał który jest dostępny na tą chwilę : ) choć jest tego jeszcze bardzo niewiele. Taki uproszczony Disciples w wersji na telefon.
  • Денис Гарин
  • Работаю над проектом один, поэтому к сожалению двигаюсь не очень быстро. Сейчас работаю над 2ой картой, прогресс можно отслеживать в сообществе в VK (ссылка в описании игры).

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