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[Game] Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two

Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two  Two months have passed since the bloody showdown with Murphy.

Wayhaven has returned to its peaceful routine, and you’ve returned to your less-than-thrilling job as detective. But with your new role as human liaison to The Agency—an organization that governs the supernatural—things should be far from dull.

Along with the job comes Unit Bravo, the team you are learning to live with on a more permanent basis. And with one of them comes the continuation of feelings that were just beginning to be explored…

But an altogether different presence is rolling into Wayhaven, cloaked in striped tents, blazing lights, and clouds of cotton candy.

Immerse yourself in Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two, a 788,000-word continuation of your supernatural story, where you can grow the romance you began, meet old and new characters, decide how to handle the new situations you’re thrown into, and experience the thrill of the outcomes of those decisions—as well as what they may bring in the future!

Play as female, male, or non-binary; play as straight, gay, or bisexual.
Continue your unique and lasting romance with one of the four vampires of Unit Bravo.
Build on your character by deciding key factors in their development.
Grow and define friendships and relationships from Book One, as well as those introduced in Book Two.
Will you gain a new ally, make peace, or turn against the new supernatural situation that has arisen?
Enjoy the freedom of a playstyle which suits you, whether through personality, stats, or choices.
Immerse yourself in a world rich with characters, story, lore, and—most importantly—fun!

The Carnival has arrived. Prepare for the ride.

Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two user reviews :

One of the best text based rpg’s i have played, if not the best. It allures you deeper with its story, action and romance elements. The choices matter. There is character development happening. Not being able to save/load and try every option in a manner of minutes makes the choices more important. I sacrificed my sleep alot so i could play more. Worth every penny. This isnt just a game, its also a book. I’m actually enjoying reading a book, loot at that! Going to need another book!

I think this game is a pretty solid sequel to the 1st book, although I personally have a few complaints. 1st: the action, although unique, is a little bit lacking. 2nd: the heavy focus on romance is good, but I think it’s a bit of annoying to only just start a romance at the end of the book. 3rd: LET ME TURN INTO A VAMPIRE DAMMIT!!!! For anyone who’s got nothing to do, this series is a really good read and one I truly recommend.

I love this series. There’s a great level of detail to the characters and I love how actualised they are (no cardboard cutouts here). It’s an interesting build on the events of the first game and i’m quite invested in the story. The only critique I have is the romance paths appear a little simplistic (are you bold or shy?). Bit of an all or nothing approach and personally I would have liked a little nuance (aware there are only a finite number of outcomes you can program in an ensemble cast)

I had a wonderful time playing this. I love how the characters got fleshed out more, the sheer volume of romantic plot woven into the story, and just how juicy some of those scenes can get. One comment on it for potential readers, though. The pacing can be a bit odd when compared to a standard novel or story. Rather than a normal climax, this story is a series of peaks and valleys. I found this to be a rather interesting and well thought out.

Really love this so far. Read book one and moved onto this. The writing is amazingly detailed. You really start to see each character come to life. The storyline is very in depth. So many different believable choices for the player/reader to make. So your character really does feel like they are yours. Really excited for more and definitely worth the couple dollars.

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