Weapon Heroes – Time to pit your equipment against others

[Game] Weapon Heroes – Infinity Forge(Idle RPG)

Weapon Heroes  Weapon Heroes : Code for all our “Captain”

Please use down below code in-game [Setting > Code] You can get a various rewards !


Code available until 30th Jun 2020 (UTC +09:00)
Code available until 31th Dec 2020 (UTC +09:00)
Code : AWAKE00
# Code available until 31th Dec 2020 (UTC +09:00)
# Available to use for all the servers!

Game Features
My hammering never stops!!
Use auto-hammering to quickly fuse your equipment and equip it. Now you’re ready to fight!
Your mercenary group will automatically fight day and night!

Collect over 50 different Ego weapons with unique abilities!
Over 50 kinds of Ego weapons offer unique skills and effects!
Use different Ego weapons, depending on your situation, to win quickly!

Various ways to grow weapons
Level up, upgrade, and Transcend your weapons to make them stronger.
The more you grow your weapons, the more powerful their Buff and Weapon effects!

The Black Mine never sleeps!
Hit the hard black rock, and you’ll get Obsidians that are necessary for your weapons’ upgrades,
and also test your combat power.

Reincarnate and grow stronger!
Use the materials that you get upon Reincarnation to increase your weapons’ Soul Levels.
Go to the stage on which you Reincarnated, and you’ll feel the difference in your power!

Defeat the terrifying Boss monsters in the Maze of Chaos!
Defeat the Boss monsters lying in wait in the Maze of Chaos, and get a variety of materials.
The Boss monsters also drop powerful Legendary Relics.

Improve your smithing through the research system
Necessary for weapon production! Research ways to improve your smithing effectiveness.
The permanent stat bonuses will help you collect Ego weapons more quickly.

Now, even clicker games have PvP!
It’s time to pit your equipment against others!
Show off your strength in the PvP Arena where you can compete against other mercenary captains.

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Official Forum
Facebook : www.facebook.com/GamepubGlo/
Twitter :twitter.com/gamepub_Glo

Notification of Smartphone Application access
We have required access authority to provide service like down below.

Essential Requriements
Photo, media and File saving: For operating the game,
It includes all the photos, media, and file access authority.
If there is no authority to saving the files, the game will not be progressing.

Method of withdrawal
Users can withdraw access authority. Please check down below description.
Adobe Android 6.0: Setting > Apps > Selecting the application > Permissions > cancel the list of permissions
Less than Android 6.0 : Upgrading the operating system or deleting the application
Application might not provide the individual agreement.

Contact Us
Development Team Mail: cs[at]gamepub.co.kr
Development Team Phone Number: +8202-1666-7198
Gamepub, Queens Park Nine C, Floor 13, 247, Gonghang-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Weapon Heroes user reviews :

I love this game. There’s no shortage on what to do and the diamonds you get from leveling up, doing tasks, and playing in arena every day is more than enough to keep me satisfied. My only minor ‘complaint’ is the % of drops on the new items and the ‘events’. The events which, iirc, are p2g with money instead of diamonds. Can be a bit annoying if you want to participate and get the cool ‘special’ items. But otherwise great game!

The new update is a dramatic buzz! The game is so much smoother now, and new features are just a lot greater than before! This is a worthy idle game to download. Usually u get stuck at some point in idle game, but NOT this game. The mechanics and lvling up is really carefully edited so u never get bored with it. And there are regular events!! Good job and keep it up, dev team
  • Gamepub
  • Thank you for enjoy Weapon Heroes! We’ll always try to get better and give you something fun. And if you have some problems just contact Customer service anytime. Customer service : helpdesk.qroad.net/?n=PUBCON

As difficult as it is to make an interesting 1+1=2, 2+2=4 etc. game, this may be my favorite in the genre. It should be noted that in addition to combining elements of pvp games, summoned-hero games, and boss-fight games, they HAVE included loot boxes to invite a younger crowd. However, due to the mechanics of incremental games, pay-to-play is not as helpful as you might think. The playing field is biased at most, and indiscernally uneven. All in all, fantastic game. Very enjoyable

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