Weapon Masters Roguelike – Devastate the Enemies in Close Combat

[Game] Weapon Masters Roguelike

Weapon Masters Roguelike  New Roguelike Action Game!

Enjoy Easy but Thrilling Action!

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/WeaponMasters.Global

Charming Characters Representing Various Paths
Knight, Who Devastate the Enemies in Close Combat!
Archer, Who Kills with Steady Aim from Afar!
And Mage, Who Attacks and Teleports Through Obstacles with Ease!

Play Every Action with Just 1 Finger
Move, Attack, Evade, Special Attack and Skill All Available at Your Fingertip!
Use Various Strategies Depending on the Monsters and the Environment You Face!

More than 100 Abilities for Limitless Growth and Possibilities
Abilities to Enhance Attack! Abilities to Enhance Mobility! Abilities with Special Power!
Each Decision, Equipment, Ability, Leads to a Unique Playthrough!

Hundreds of Unique Monsters Available in Each Stage
The Simple Patterns Make the Game Easy to Play, but the Limitless Combinations of Monsters that Appear Per Stage Calls for Countless Different Strategies.

Survival, Elite Mode
Play Survival Mode, Where Many Characters Come Together to Try for a New Record!
Or Play Elite Mode Where You Encounter Elite Monsters Enhanced with Various Elements!

Weapon Masters Roguelike user reviews :

Yes, since the latest update, this game no longer loads. Cannot even start the game… once open, it does the check for updated files, then shuts off after getting to 100%. Sometimes, it even let’s me press “sign into Google” then shuts down/off again. Can never start it, even with uninstalling and reinstalling. Update messed this game up for me (and some others, after reading other comments w/ same/similar issues). Fix?

Great game but the only problem the game is delayed when you going to another stage i think it need to be fix.

After the recent major Android update (11), I’ve been unable to connect to the game. It just crashes after the loading bar fills up. My phone (Pixel 3XL) basically harassed me to upgrade, can’t really downgrade, probably better overall to stay up-to-date anyway. Tried clearing the cache, didn’t change anything. Would clear storage, or reinstall, but I’m afraid of losing my progress. UPDATE: Still can’t play, crashing after loading 100% of the time.

Excellent game. Tough in a fair way and very rewarding. I managed to bet it F2P in 1 week without ever feeling I needed to put money in order to progress, even though is good to know I always had the option. Great game! Waiting for more content.

I’ve been trying to find a game like this but to tell the truth most of the games with this theme are either trash and/or underwhelmingly bad. Only a few has balance with their system. This one is not outstanding but not bad either. Heck I prefer this than Archero lols. Anyways more heroes maybe? I like it.

The gameplay is more skill demanding with skills, dash, double tap skill activation, but more fun. All classes unlockable from stage clear. Also, the melee mob actually attacking you instead of mindless running to you and deal collide damage. So, you can time the dodge timing.

I’ve played every game of late in this genre and all are exactly the same – you hit the P2W wall. Sadly, that’s around stage 4. Severe lack of healing after each stage, coupled with a screen full of bullets/explosions, means you’re gong to have to buy or grind for better gear. I originally have this 4/5 then I hit the pay wall. Sadly, it just gets boringly monotonous. Uninstalled.

I would argue this game offers more variety and replayability, than the precedented archero game it copies. I truly enjoy the freemium currency, and opportunity grind and collect whatever you need for future levels, and I’ve just unlocked the rank system, which I haven’t had any problems with, yet. I normally hate games like this, but my 5 star rating is proof that everyone should try this. P.S. Sword Master is hands down my favorite, and I thank you for his addition

Great game though a bit short. After finishing the levels, now I’m basically strenghtening my char while waiting for an update. Hope something like a tournament or some form of competition us added

Fun the first time I played but can’t even get to the title screen anymore, crashes every time even on fresh restarts. Pixel 2xl

I’m trying to find problems with this game! There are none But I love it so much love I wish you ran faster though

it will be perfect if you provide an permanent ad remove package.

i like the game its cool but can you update the game please because I did not like the player moments and the game is so hard that I die so many times thank you.

Nice mechanics a bit bugy but its possible to play. Best archero clone

The game is great, I have been playing it for a long time. I would rate it five stars if there was not percentage to destroy runes on fusion. It takes time to collect them to level 5 or 6 and then they get destroyed several times in a row and you have to start over. Not a great logic. We should get stronger by time and skill, not by luck.

Simple, fun, fast progression in the beginning. Everything a good game needs to lure people in to play, but there’s an energy limit (recharges over time like almost any other game) to make you put down the phone and do something else. I like it, but the one downside if I had to put one is that the skins for characters are a bit steep in the crystal cost. At least I’d like to have one or two skins available either for gold or through progression of some kind, like beating the boss on stage X-Z.

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