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Weekly Planner  Weekly Planner is a lightweight, no ads and completely free app.

Allows your Android device to notify you on your routine tasks, letting your mind free to focus on things that really matter.

Be more programmable and save time!

With Weekly Planner, you can plan your weekly routine in a single app.
It is pretty straightforward and fast to add and remove plans, because that’s what we want, right? To improve our precious time.
You will become more productive and you will save much time.
It is a matter of planning. Just add your routine and focus on important things, because your Android device will notify you on the right time to perform that routine task.

Usage examples:

Time to drink water and achieve the recommended daily level;
Time to have your meals and keep your daily calories goal;
Time to prepare yourself to go somewhere;
Time to prepare yourself to classes;
Time to prepare yourself to study and rest (that way you don’t need to keep your eyes on the clock);
Time to meditate;
Time to prepare yourself to go to bed;
Time to feed your pet;
Time to brush your teeth? Take a shower? Do the dishes? And what else you’ve got on your routine.

Get in touch with the developers if you have a constructive feedback on the app.

Weekly Planner user reviews :

It allows me to sort out my time and being a student, it is really necessary to have an app like this handy to organise online classes. Thanks for this. However, I will appreciate if you could add a feature that allows the time for a particular event to vary for different days. Like, Event x takes place at 5 p.m. on Monday and on 11 a.m. on Tuesday. That would help greatly in organisation.

UPDATE!! Uninstalled (Old review) LOVE IT!! Can’t live without it!! I’ve been using this app for over 3 years and helps me keep up with my daily schedule Update… Worked on my old phone but It won’t work on my new phone. The only way the reminder worked I had to open the app

It would be great if it had approximate time options as well. Start and end time. But overall it’s a great app. Kinda limited, but it’s good to use for general timeblocking.

Its nice but needs sth else. Some times we need a flexible daily plan. By this app we should choose the exact time of tasks. If the app had an option for duration of tasks(not exact time) it would be more useful.

Perfect App It’s the only Routine App that seem good to me. It’s so simple and easy. You can make habits and choose days for each habit. Mmmm.. if you are a simple person who, don’t like fancy apps that, distract you with so many features with premium stuff, maybe you’d like this one. I wish they put more themes. ( this is my first impression of the app) I might add more things after a while.

Amazing app for creating a schedule for each weekday individually. I created the same schedule, different things for each day of the week and reoccurring each week. Keeps me in check for sure Would it be possible to create an option within the app where all alerts could be switched on/off together? Just for those days other plans arise. For myself and anyone else who has very many alerts set, it would be very convenient so the app isn’t giving notifications all throughout those day. Thanks!

This app is awesome. Just a few suggestions that’d make it perfect though. 1. Include End Time for tasks. 2. Allow scheduling a task at different times on different days, so the schedule is more flexible. 3. Inculde a Notes section for important information regarding a task. Keep up the good work.

I’m thankful an app like this exists, it helps to keep me organized during my daily life. The only thing I wish this app offered is a second description for your plan instead of piling it all in the title, this would help me personally to understand better what I’m doing in that cirtain plan and so I hope in the future this is added in!

Helps when I need to remember those important things we tend to put on the back burner and ultimately never never get a chance bc something else interfered. So, this app “Weekly Planner” helps you to overcome being forgetful or whatever the reason…..because we all have our own excuses. So, this app will alleviate that problem if you follow through as planned hence “Weekly Planner”!! Hope this helps

A weekly planner that works well for me. No ads and very easy to set up. Would like to see a little more colour in the app and a function where times can be set to both start and finish. At present, the app only allows starting times. There is also, as far as I can tell, no way to backup or sync one’s data, which means it can be lost if you reset your device.. Five stars if these features were included.

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