Western Sniper – Fighting for justice on this godforsaken land

[Game] Western Sniper – Wild West FPS Shooter

Western Sniper  Slay all ragdoll bandits in an epic Wild West shooting game!

Check out Western Sniper – Wild West FPS Shooter to feel like a cowboy shooter fighting for justice on this godforsaken land. Plunge into action in various locations & prepare the barrel to shoot them down!

Top features of Western Sniper – Wild West FPS Shooter:

One of the most action-packed FPS shooting games
Genuine atmosphere of a Wild West
Gun and revolver shooting modes: aim and see the ragdoll bandits in the scope
Various challenging locations. Try to shoot ’em down on the train, in a boat. Saloons and old towns are too easy!
Game store with lots of rifles to choose from
Wanted renegades all over the place!
Genuine music & sound effects to recreate the western atmosphere

Any bandits in sight? Just shoot ’em all down, bang bang!


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Western Sniper user reviews :

Fun game as of 10th level when you win you only have to watch adds to get 3x your award money, and increase your speed, aim etc. What you pay for with award money after so many games is for more bullets. So far haven’t needed to buy anything and you watch ads if you don’t want to spend money. It’s totally your choice, wish more games were the same.

I’ve been checking out this game for a while glad I downloaded it it’s lots of fun you have to think quick especially when it comes to trying to nail the guy who keeps trying to escape into the dimension void

Ads make this game unplayable. It’s a shame cause it looks fun. Takes 10 seconds to make the kills then 30 seconds to watch an ad. Not worth it.

Fun game but WAY too many ads! I spend 20 seconds playing and 30 watching an ad between each game. Give us a way to purchase an ad-free option, please!

I absolutely love this game and there’s nothing really wrong with besides the lagging. If the developers could fix that, that would be great.

This may be one of the worst ad invasions I have ever encountered in a game yet! Even if you choose not to watch an ad to get bonuses and continue on, your still forced to watch an ad. You have to watch ads to do literally ANYTHING in game, (and there isn’t even an option to remove them at all). This ad BS has gotten completely out of control everywhere and it’s ruining so many great games that would otherwise be really fun to play, (including this one).

This is an outstanding western shoot ’em up game. You control the sniper and by completing assignments you can beef up your rifle, scope and other accessories, like number of bullets and protection. You don’t have to pay to play, however there are ads to watch if you wish to improve features of your game play. You also have twin six guns to shoot the bad guys with as well. Enjoy!

Fun to play mindlessly. Lot of ads but most of them give you prizes and the others are short.

I really enjoy this game but sometimes it’s a little glitchy when you’re trying to get on target(maybe my cheaper phone?) But I cant give 5 stars because there are WAY TOO MANY ads in this game! I would like if you could use the hats for target practice when they fly up in the air too

Game started fun I was ok with the banner with ads got through 3 rounds and then boom hits you nothing but ad after ad. I absolutely hate ads. If this was left with just the ad bar I almost would have continued to play and kept the game. I don’t even wanna hear complaints about how else developers are suppose to make money are there tons of games with no ads are free and money is made by in app purchases and if this were a good game then people would buy. As for the game play it was fun.

Super fun game. Great mechanics. Hoping it gets a little more challenging. I want to give 5 stars but there is no option to pay and remove ads. That seems off. If the price is right I will pick up the paid version and 5 star this.

Good game, but levels repeat after awhile..need to increase difficulty

Just from what I played of it. I like it, it’s an heck of a shooter. I enjoy shooters give me an sense of peace. Kind of let’s me get out my frustrations. Not that I want to hurt anyone, because I don’t but I just like nailing my target.. this game looks like it was designed for stress relief.

I love this game because when you feel like shooting someone’s head off, this is safer than the real Mccoy.

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