Wilderness Survival – Try survive and travel to safety

[Game] Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival  Wilderness survival simulation game. Travel to safety.

APRIL 10, 2021 NEWS
Completely reworked new version is still in development. This will become available for ANDROID and IOS. Thanks for your patience.
– Juuso

Try survive and travel to safety. Wilderness survival themed simulation where you need to decide how you spend your time and what action is most crucial for you now in order to survive: building a shelter, finding food, water, traveling, collecting firewood.

Game can be played OFFLINE. If you have internet connection, then game will try send anonymized data about gameplay (things like “X number of people play game”). Please check out “for humans” privacy policy at thesurvivegame.com

As of September 2017: Inside the game you can purchase the “full edition” (or “wolf edition”) that gets you play the game without ads (+ you get few extra perks). That’s one time payment and you get to choose the price. There are no microtransactions for gems/coins or anything else to purchase. This IAP option is for those who wish to support development. You can continue playing free edition that is very close to same as the paid version.


IN-APP PURCHASES (IAP): Only for convenient one-time full game purchase for those who wish to do so. Free version is almost the same as ‘full’ one. There are no gems/coins/whatnot to buy.
FULL NETWORK ACCESS: you can play offline, but if you play online game sends stats info like “created fire using bow drill” using anonymizedId. Please see detailed & “for humans” privacy policy at the game website.
VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS: To best of my understanding this checks if your device is online or offline. If offline, there’s no store purchases. I try and see if I can get rid of this one.
CONTROL VIBRATION: this can be toggled off in the settings. It’s used only for in-game events (like if you catch a fish or something like that)
OTHER WORTH MENTIONING: game stores “save game” files to your device so that you can save & continue game after playing. Should not require extra permissions though. Game does not read your phone files. It only reads game files and via settings screen you can see list of files that were created.


Wilderness Survival user reviews :

A great game and fun too. Once you get the hang of it, it can be really fun once you learn the mechanics. I wish there where more objects to make and more items to find to craft with including more uses for already available items. Sometimes the animals are also extremely hard to hunt. Other than that I think it’s a great app and I haven’t thought of deleting it even after a year.

I love this game and so do so many other people. But it has not had any updates in forever and everything is so old that everyone is going to just be completely bored with the game and never touch it again. Needs new scenarios, gear, plants, craftables, etc. Then it could be a whole new game again and maybe even make a little money and alot of people happy, including myself. Hi! Another year has passed thats 4 years now since this game has been updated.
  • Juuso Hietalahti
  • Hey, thanks for the review. I’ve been rewriting the whole codebase and renewing basically everything to support functionality such as “going back to previous location” and making it easier to keep updating the game. Work is not done yet, but hopefully soon

Only fun for a couple of hours from exploring what could happen next. Then it become very repetitive if you want to survive and win. I finished first and 3rd map. Got too bored on the 4th map, so I tried to take some riskier options and died. On 2nd map I survived for like 150 days with helicopter passed by many times and not got rescued yet. It could go on until win, but it is already too much to be fun. I figure it’d be better just to uninstall the game.

Genuinly a good app. Made by (I believe) a single developer. It has a simplistic feel to it, though I’m sure a lot of work has gone into it with all the artwork and challenges. It’s a game that requires knowledge, skill, and a little bit of imagination but is still fun to do throughout the day. I look forward to seeing it progress and someday i hope to beat it on the hardest difficulty. 100% worth a download, ill be keeping it in my regular rotation of apps.

I absolutely loved this game years ago. It was challenging and intelligent. I finished it quickly though and unfortunately there was no updates in years. I hope this will change at some point. Would love to be able to play it again as what’s currently on game market is debilitating and I miss an intelligent, challenging game.

This game is my most favourite game of all mobile games. I have been an active player from very early on in development and purchased to help support the developer. Its a terrific game to play, no in app purchases, no time delayed progress. You can play when you want and how you want, there is a number of different stating areas and you can tailor the difficulty by location and starting items. It is always a good feeling at the end of the game and you can replay as much as you want.

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