WindWings – A real war has begun

[Game] WindWings – Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack

WindWings  The game is developed based on a fantasy story about a soldier who accidentally went through a time gap to the future. In the future, people have developed to an advanced level of science and technology and began searching for distant planets in space.

They created many modern and powerful warships to fulfill that dream. The soldier once again joins the army to join the journey to find the promise land and their fleet encounters many warlike monsters in space. They not only attacked spaceships but also headed straight to invade the earth. In the face of that tense situation, the commander ordered the soldier to come to fight against enemy’s attacks. A real war has begun. You will play the soldier who takes control of the entire spaceship, protects the earth and leads other spaceships. Destroy and break the enemy’s plans.
WindWings: Space Shooter – Galaxy Attack is a shoot’em up game genre with many new and modern improvements with lots of impressive points.
Players will bring two types of spaceships into battle, each has a unique property. Players will use suitable spaceships from time to time.
Many types of monsters are sophisticatedly designed with different types of attacks.
Many rounds are constantly updated with many different challenges for players to experience.
Many warships, each has a different design and use of a different type of ammunition. Players can optionally customize and combine.
Besides the main spaceship, there are 2 assistants to increase the combat ability.
Upgrade your attack power, spaceship speed with Laser missiles, mega-boms and magnets.
The game has a good balance of difficulty, suitable for both beginners and hardcore gamers.
Many support equipments to help spaceship increase combat ability.
Diverse tasks and attractive rewards
Diversify the map from the earth to remote places in the universe.
Images and sounds combined harmoniously will give players a great experience.

How to play:
Touch the screen and move to avoid enemy’s attacks, shoot back and destroy them.
Click to change the spaceship in accordance with each type of enemy.
Collect bullets and equipments to upgrade the spaceship.
Use support features during an emergency or when facing strong enemies.

WindWings user reviews :

Just want to say THIS GAME IS AMAZING! There is so much you can enjoy achieving without simply paying to have a great game experience. Now, that is what makes a person actually DO wish to pay for some items! Because they give alot without…and that is worth the same in return. Great game guys!

All I can say is WOW, WOW ,WOW. What an awesome game. Have played other space shooters but nothing can or will equal this. It is very hard to impress me but I am IMPRESSED. Well done developers. I recommend you should download this awesome game.

I want to know why I’m not getting double daily gifts when I login to this game and the premium version even though both games say I already own them… What’s up with that? It’s been like this for a while now and I wish I brought this to your attention sooner

I love this game but my problem is that the upgrading system cost to much. I need a lots of diamonds in order for me to upgrade it. Can u adjust the costing of the upgrade?

Good game, could use some more weapons and ships though, maybe some customization options.

Update: Kudos on the response, developers BUT I cannot change my rating. The adverts & rewards were many & selectable & I watched them but now, every couple of minutes a 5 second ad shows, then a popup ad, then another…. just spoils the game. I constantly viewed the ads to get the rewards but now it’s just plain infuriatingly irritating. Still a great game but latest update bombards you with so many ads it completely spoils the gameplay and flow of the game. Sorry, I’m out.
  • GCenter
  • Hi, we are constantly striving to improve our game. Hope to get better ratings from you soon.
The best of its kind! Thank you for the support and fast response to your community. In the arena how the score is measured? And now developers do not contact you if you send them mails for example. That’s sad
  • GCenter
  • Thanks for your love. We are going to release in the next few weeks or so with lots of new content.

Retro vertical space shmup. If you’re a fan, you might like this one. I’d recommend it as the ads haven’t been oppressive and it’s pretty straightforward.

Great concept of the ability to switch plane/transform mid game. But you only get those 2 planes and can’t buy anything new with the coins.

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