Witch Weapon – Become the savior of the world in the chaotic time

[Game] Witch Weapon

Witch WeaponWitch Weapon : The price of saving the world is to become a girl?
Super-fantasy ♂→♀ RPG: Witch Weapon

In the summer of 2037, the world is destroyed by the activation of Substance H. Ren, the only boy who lived, made a wish on the Ross Goblet, wishing that all this were just a dream. With a flash of white light, he found the city back to normal the next morning and himself a girl. Meanwhile, the Ross Goblet disappeared from its site under the watchful eyes of a dozen surveillance devices. After a confusing battle, the young girl gains the magic of witches, and the conspiracy of Substance H among various political forces got underway…


A fantasy sage with over 300,000 words: Become the savior of the world in the chaotic time.
An aesthetic yuri story: Enjoy your love story with different Witches.
Assemble the most powerful squad: Wipe all enemies out with strategy.
Extraordinary voice acting: It’s painful… but you kind of like that, huh?
Ren (Voice: Rie Kugimiya)
Mariru (Voice: Shizuka Ito)
Elluka (Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro)
Beth (Voice: Kana Ueda)
Astariel (Voice: Mamiko Noto)
Sonya (Voice: Satomi Arai)
Alice (Voice: Yui Ishikawa)
Liliana (Voice: Sumire Uesaka)
Rei (Voice: Aya Hirano)

Substance H
Substance H, a.k.a. the Divine Touch, is a general term for items and tools that activate supernatural phenomena at certain conditions. They are not bound by any known barriers such as dimension, time, space, or mind. Substance H has long been lurking around. Most of them exist under the cover of daily items and are hard to notice. But once touched by specific activators, they will trigger unknown anomalies.

Seven Years War
As more and more Substance H are discovered, many countries gradually realized their great strategic significance. An arms race over Substance H had begun. In the summer of 2027, World War III broke out as the main zone of Tokyo was destroyed by Substance H, which ended in 2034 with the loss of half of the population and the dissolution of more than 200 countries and governments. This war is also known as Seven Years War.

Academy City
Six of the most advanced organizations in the field of Substance H have formed a peace alliance. The reason for the truce is that each side has a weapon of Substance H, being capable of destroying the world. Under such circumstances, the result is a global standoff. In response to strong anti-war sentiment, the six organizations branded themselves as Academy Cities through political propaganda.

The Ross Goblet
On July 6th, 2037, a group of terrorists broke into a public exhibition of Substance H and unsealed the Ross Goblet. Its curse was unleashed, causing brimstone and fire falling from the sky. The Fifth Academy City was destroyed in the blink of an eye… That was how it should be. However, the causality had been forcibly manipulated by an unknown force as if the catastrophe never happened. The Ross Goblet mysteriously disappeared, and a boy became a girl because of the change of the causality…

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Witch Weapon user reviews :

I enjoy the game, but mostly because I like GB, so I might be biased on that end. I want to give it a 4* but the praise worthy elements to it is also balanced out by its flawed parts. To cut it short, game has one of the most intriguing story in any mobile game i played, it can be reason enough to play it. flaws wise, the gameplay needs a lot of improvements, the game can be frustratingly hard, not in a challenging way but more of a nuisance type. Overall would recommend if you like gb and interested in good story based game. would not if you want polished action rpg gameplay. Game has potential, but i worry for its longetivity.

Witch weapon have addicting story and catchy music. There are many Anime reference like Fate Stay/Night ,Persona and Your Name. Mixed and rewritten very good. The game ,though ,lack stability. It will close down on it own often. And it’ll lag a lot inside the battle. I can hardly use skill or switch weapon accurately. The sound effect and voice won’t play. Also ,player can’t lock target for attacking so fighting a group of enemy is really painful. Bad balance between Physical and Magic character. Lastly ,sound effect can kill your ears.
  • Leiting Games
  • Thank you for your support!

The game is fun and the story, so far, is good. The game has some major stability issues though and crashes to my phone’s home screen a ton. Last time it crashed was when I spent ten tarot cards. I am pretty sure that the items that were not revealed yet were not added to my inventory. If they could fix the stability issues, the game would be 5 stars. My phone is a 2018 Galaxy J3.

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