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[Game] With Heroes – IDLE RPG

With Heroes  Fight alongside historical, mythical, and fairy tale heroes to become the center of an INCREDIBLE world!

Napoleon! Guan Yu! Genghis Khan! Take over the world with your best combo of fiercest conquerors!
Fabre! Beethoven! Anderson! Explore the world with your own band of unique historical figures!
Odin! Zeus! Michael! Oversee the heavens and universe by forming your team of celestial heroes!

Casual Everywhere, Free-to-do Anything
Relax and Battle Enjoy the convenience of the idle auto-play system
Anytime, Anywhere Sit back offline and claim the rewards that are being harvested every moment by your heroes

Unique Heroes!
Character Collect famous historical and mythical individuals reborn as 3D characters
Class Warrior, Supporter, Mage, Assassin, Ranger
Factions Holy, Chaos, Nature, Frost, Flame
Growth Level, Evolution, Skill, Card, Aquaintance Effect
Equipment Weapon/Ring/Necklace/Hood/Armor/Boot

Exciting Content!
Quest Reap abundant rewards upon unlocking achievements and completing missions
Dungeon Claim plenty of riches through auto-battle and item farming
Portal Battle How far can you push your limits? Engage in the never-ending wars of the arcane portals
Colosseum Assemble a mighty team of heroes against players from all around the globe! Take up the challenge to seize the highest honor

Various Guild Content
Guild Mines Obtain materials to EVOLVE your characters
Guild Exploration Obtain materials to UPGRADE the finest equipments
Guild Boss Fight alongside your guild members to eliminate the boss
Guild Wars Engage in PVP through diplomacy, pave the way to your guild’s victory
Guild Shop Receive rewards for your battle attribution
Guild Skill Boost the team combat power! Together we are stronger!

WITH HEROES App Permission Request
No separate permission will be requested for use of application.

With Heroes user reviews :

Game got good once network server connectivity became stable. However with latest update this game is going to lose many players and new ones who join will not stay as long as previous new players did. Firstly there is no reward to out time into game. The packs are expensive and the alter got redone in a horrible way. Instead of shards now they are parts of units and you get less alter coins for them. Also alter summon rewards was removed. Taking incentives away is wrong. KoH is same..sad

This new update just totally ruined my motivation to grind because now it’s harder than ever to get the shards that you want. They just made the alter useless as hell because now you don’t get the 50 mythic shards for doing 10 alters and I was 8/10 on it so there is one of the reasons I’m pissed at this update. I don’t know why the hell you would take out the one thing that is actually fun in the game, the black market. Like that’s just painful devs, why. You have made this game so hard to play

Was going great until this latest update. Now I have white boxes in several places instead of graphics/buttons. Some features inaccessible due to this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it changed nothing. Still had graphical issues.
  • Dear Summoner, this is WITH HEROES support team. We are terribly sorry you are experiencing inconvenience with the game. We’d like to get more details so we’ll know what to look into, and would appreciate if you could share screen shots of the problem via the E-mail below.  E-Mail Your Screen Shots – mobilegamecs[at]help.pmang.com

Amazing game! The heroes in the game are extremely fun to collect! All heroes across all lores, cultures, and mythologies!

It is a very fun game to play especially with it being able to level up heros any time as long as u have the leveling stones

Very addictive and hard to put down. I can play this game for hours. Amazing characters and story!

It’s a great game. Function is very well & graphic also good.

Alot of fun and a great time killer. Easy to understand and level up. Tons of great and historical characters.

Love this game so much, awesome graphics and character artstyle

It is easy to play this game, and I’m happy with it. I think this game will be my fav this months

Absolutely phenominal game!!! Detailed characters, including lots of notable ones such as Tutankamon, Seth and Cleopatra from Egyptiqn hystory/mythology as well as japanese, roman and more, generous rewards for completing quests, easy to learn, and being very addicting make this an easy 5 star rating game! I highly reccomend this to anyone that loves idle games!

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