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[Game] WSW – Women Soccer Manager

Women Soccer Manager   Support female sports with one of the best Soccer Manager games online

WSM – The new Women’s Soccer Manager platform will make your soccer dreams come true. Become a manager of your favourite soccer club and use your knowledge and tactical skills to build a pro soccer career as a manager in Women’s Soccer Manager.

Choose your club from real soccer leagues and build your personal dream team

Choose your favorite club from one of the numerous women’s soccer leagues around the world. Manage famous clubs like Barcelona, Arsenal or Lyon with authentic soccer players and recruit the most exciting stars to strengthen your team. Compete in the national pro soccer leagues, cup and Champions League and other famous leagues such as NWSL, USWNT, FA WSL, UEFA Women’s Champions league and take your top eleven women’s soccer players team to glory in this one of a kind – Women’s Soccer Manager.

You manage the team

As a soccer club manager, you will device your own soccer tactics, train your players, scout for young soccer talents and negotiate sponsorship contracts. Put your soccer skills to the test and fight your way to the top of your league. Become the team manager you always dreamt to be.

Have it your way

Build your personal women’s soccer dream team and make it yours – devise your own soccer formations, sharpen your soccer coaching skills, make strategic decisions, be as cunning as a fox on the transfer market and define the future of the club.

Quick and Dynamic Gameplay

You choose when to play your daily soccer matches, anytime, anywhere! You’re in control! Women’s Soccer Manager’s mini games, dynamic actions, and immediate play ensure a fast, active and unique manager experience for every soccer fan!

You’ll Never walk alone with these amazing soccer game features:

Authentic worldwide leagues and clubs
Play with friends in a unique multiplayer game experience
Trophies and achievements for a true soccer legend
Match boosters to motivate your team on the pitch
Amazing interface and outstanding graphics
Negotiations and deals with sponsors

Become a Legend of Women’s Soccer Manager now!

Women Soccer Manager user reviews :

Really fun and you don’t need to log in every 5 mins like some games. In fact, you can play just once a day and be competitive, if that’s your style. The youth search is a tad silly though, as it takes about 95 actual (not game) days to do a proper search unless you spend a lot of real money. You can do a basic search every few days though, but that usually doesn’t help much (unless you have excellent luck)

A good game except now it has loading issues constantly, and games being played before given chance to change formation especially during Cup and champions league games, the game is slowly going downhill

The game is okay but try to enlarge the visual screen next time

I Check for my next match several times a day only to find both my champions league games in the knock out stages are played without me having a chance to make changes before or during match. There is several flaws in this game which is why you don’t have players paying into game
  • Trophy Games – Football Manager makers
  • We are sorry you had a bad experience. To get support you can always contact us at info[at]trophy-games.com and we will be happy to assist you with your problem(s).

Good football manager game and it’s a bit different with it being women, knocked off a point because if you’re a man you get called a she and can’t pick a male manager and the female players are sometimes called he, nothing major.

One of the more solid and indepth soccer managers I have enjoyed so far. Graphics are good if a bit repetitive, though the game never really tries to be about its graphics. There is a nice amount to do. My main criticism is that, with everything there is available for the player to get involved with, there are sometimes certain elements that are a little difficult to understand… for me, anyway. Like, I have yet to figure out the fan club part.

I love that as I progress through the game I can see and understand more of the complexities of play. From the multiple tactics that can be deployed, to the importance of different player skills in the right positions on the field. I do wish that you would put how long a stadium upgrade will take with the cost of it so I can better plan my upgrades around my life by knowing when an upgrade will finish before I choose to start it. I also find the credit cost of things can be high.
  • Trophy Games – Football Manager makers
  • Thank you for the useful feedback! We appreciate it.

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