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[Game] Wonder Merge

Wonder Merge  Travel to a world of Wonder, use your magic to heal corrupted lands, become friends with wondrous, fantastic creatures and merge together your very own fantasy island in the #1 merging and collecting game: Wonder Merge.

For centuries, the magical Sky Meadow flourished, until the selfishness of its inhabitants created a corruption of the land. Now, all creatures have to come together to heal the land and undo the curse. Matching and merging 3 or more items uncovers the evolution of each, merging eggs helps with collecting dragons and other creatures, and releasing your merging magic heals the corrupted dragon lands and turns them into a magic paradise!

Step into the merging games of Wonder Merge!
Merging uncovers the evolution of endless magic items!
Merging eggs gives them the evolution from eggs into fantastic fantasy dragons!
There are dozens of magic dragons and creature evolutions for collecting!
Keep merging and collecting evolutions to grow and evolve your magic game land!
In the Wonder Merge game, merging is completely free! You’re free to merge when you want and free to merge eggs or dragons for collecting without paying a cent!

The healing of the Sky Meadow is in your hands; egg merging, dragon collecting, creature evolution – all this and more is in your power to save the land.

Wonder Merge user reviews :

I would give it 5 stars, but it’s glitchy, which is a tad annoying. But, glitches aside, it’s fun, a bit like Merge Dragons, or Merge Magic. The creatures are way cuter in this game, though. I would really like having the ability to lock the screen, to make it easier to merge. Also, it would be nice to have an option for turning on merge 5 only, so there are no accidental merge 3’s.

Unfortunately too many bugs. Harvesting from oysters, fossils etc. does not work on a double click, the game lags and reacts extremely slowly once you have (too?) many objects. I just can’t get anything from my last Mr. Cactus, i suspect it is a question of reaction on a click. Pitty.
  • CookApps
  • Thank you for your honest feedback, Blanka :) We’re so sorry to hear the game isn’t running smoothly, and we want to fix that! Could you please contact our support team and tell them about the lag? Also, regarding Mr. Cactus: as a wonder, he spawns mushrooms in certain intervals, so there is no need to tap :) We hope this helps!
They have greatly improved this game. It is now one of my first game I play when I turn my tablet on. There are still some glitches, like how the the sea creatures sometimes spazz out when you double tap an item to harvest from. I had to restart my tablet. When I did that the game no longer works, no moving anything and no tapping anything, I mean like 5 or 6 times, nothing. Unfortunately I had to uninstall this game. (REALLY DID NOT WANT TO!)
  • CookApps
  • Hey Hallie, thank you so much for getting back to us with a new review! We’re going to keep working hard to erase the last glitches so that you can fully enjoy the game Your opinion is a great help!!
Enjoyed the game when I installed it, but the last 2 days I cant seem to get connected, it keeps loading and asking to connect to my account, when I click my profile it keeps doing the same over and over again. Seems like it glitches to connect to google and doesnt let me in to play.
  • CookApps
  • Hello Susan, thank you for your feedback! If your problem persists despite the latest update, then could you please contact our support team through wondermerge[at]cookapps.com? We might have to request more information to help you, and that will make it safe and easy :) We really appreciate you reporting this, thank you!

The game is so fun! Its my favourite merge game so far :) however there’s room for improvement. It would be nice to have a confirm button whenever you want to sell or buy something. I’ve spend my diamonds accidentally too many times. Also it would be great to be able to access the book somehow and not only see it when i reach a new level when merging items. And finally, an option to turn off automerging would be awesome! even when i have 5 items, automerging takes only 3 sometimes

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