Wood Block 99 – Relax anywhere while improving your spatial geometric skills

[Game] Wood Block 99 – Wooden Sudoku Puzzle

Wood Block 99  Wood Block 99, a wood-style puzzle game with new gameplay, which mashup Sudoku and Puzzle!

It’s calmer and more addictive. One more space for spare blocks, you can use your ingenuity to create more combos. Relax anywhere while improving your spatial geometric skills.

Be a Wood Block 99 fan, relieve your stress, and boost your brainpower!

More people are enjoying it
Wooden style brings you closer to nature.
A grid to place a temporarily unwanted block.
Play offline without WIFI.
100% free wooden puzzle sudoku.
Lightweight to install.
Relaxing gameplay with no time limits.

Easy and fun to play
Drag and move wooden blocks to fill the 9×9 board grid.
Clear the blocks by making full horizontal, vertical lines or 3×3 square rows.
Remove multiple lines at once will get a higher score.
The round will finish if no room for extra blocks.

How to be a master?
Use your strategies to continually remove blocks to get COMBO POINTS!
Clever use of the excess grid.
Try not to leave blank.

Play Wood Block 99 as free as you want. We hope you can have a good time with it!

Contact us:
We would be happy if you tell us any advice and suggestion about this game.
Our email address: puzzlesudokugame@gmail.com.

Thanks for playing!

Wood Block 99 user reviews :

Very entertaining puzzle that gets me all worked up inside and I feel, only feel like, going and smashing my mobile phone on a rock.

Awesome! !love this game.. I have downloaded other puzzles and uninstall but this one is a keeper. It gives you enough tiles to play and score big time and it doesn’t take the score away when you rest. I love the suggestion where to place the tiles when you can’t see the next move. I have scored 69,0000 and going. Thanks!!!

Relaxing game which is well written. Would have been 5 stars, but has a bug where the game asks if you wish to continue, and then just becomes a black screen. Instead of continuing it then goes to zero score. A bit annoying when you’ve played for hours, and are 20,000 off your own best score, with a life left. If this continues, I’ll just remove it.
  • Wood Puzzle Sudoku Games
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback , we have received it. I’m sorry for this error, we are about to release a new version that fixes some known issues. You can go to the app store to update at that time. Thanks again.
Wow! I have scored 30,000 in my first try Yay! . I am really sorry but this game is no fun as compared to the games of 2021. The graphics are great but there are many things I wish this game would have, 1..No home page. 2..You can’t select your profile from your own album. 3..You can’t write your own name. 4..If you want to change your name and your profile and to see the scores of people all around the world,you have to do the game over first . Please fix this bug.
  • Wood Puzzle Sudoku Games
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback and suggestions on this game. We have received and plan to optimize this problem in future updates to bring players a better gaming experience. Thanks again.

Game designed is in a fashion that it encourages the player to play more. Risk is of addiction

Great game, but option for turning blocks to other direction would have been greater.

awesome game to play great for anyone and everyone! to play very challenging and will keep you on your toes!! it is also great for those who have memory issue’s playing this game is great for brain games and exercise for the brain I highly recommend it,
  • Wood Puzzle Sudoku Games
  • Thank you very much for your love and recommendation! The game will remain optimized and more interesting. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Wish you happy everyday!
This is a pretty fun and challenging game but they keep taking the 2 extra chances away and being that they feed you stuff you can’t use, it seems less fun. If you are going to give them, fine. Stop taking them away.
  • Wood Puzzle Sudoku Games
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback, the video cannot be watched because of a problem with the ad serving. We are currently fixing this error, thanks again for your feedback.

Interesting game. Many moves can make or break a win. Makes your brain work. It keeps the mind young.

Fun game. Would be nicer if it doesn’t show where to put the pieces. Quite irritating. Doesn’t allow you to use your brain.
  • Wood Puzzle Sudoku Games
  • Hello, thank you for your opinion, we will consider adding a switch button in future versions to optimize the game experience.

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