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[Game] Word Crush

Word Crush  Looking for new cross word games?

Want an addictive activity to sharpen your mind? Play Word Crush and begin your trip to word master!

Why choose Word Crush?

Easy to play! Just swipe and connect letters to find words in anagrams.
Enjoy a classic word puzzle. Letter blocks cascade down as you guess correctly!
Challenge others as well as yourself – scramble crossy letter stacks to become the top word master!
Picture of natural beauty accompany each level, gently transporting you to another world.
Offline play anywhere, anytime without WIFI!
Entertain your chums, friends and family with this fantastic new game. Guessing words together is just as fun as playing on your own!
Challenge your brain and vocabulary. This cross word game starts easy and quickly becomes challenging!
Every week brings new puzzles to train your brain for infinite fun!
So look no further for the ultimate wordy pastime! With Word Crush, you can improve your vocabulary while having the time of your life, on your own or with your friends!

We would love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via our customer service email: WordCrushFeedback@gmail.com
Or follow our Facebook page to share your gaming experience with others at https://www.facebook.com/Word-Crush-Fun-Puzzle-Game-1093451577491452/

Word Crush user reviews :

The game was good at first. But! After level 22, it doesn’t have anymore sense! They’re giving you some gold letters, which are supposed to help you. But then, most of the words you found doesn’t fit anywhere. I tried to use my free letters, to help me out a little bit. And you know what? Theese letters are the same as the one you already found that connect to the gold ones!!! And the other letters left, don’t fit. You end up with some ” st, fg, kpw ” group of letters. What the f… should I do?

The game is great but the challenges are rigged with bots and/or cheats. Example someone has the same high score as I do and has had the exact same score for the last ten games. AMAZING! Or I’m leading the challenge then out of no where a name pops up with double my score. As I type this, out of no where Dave pops up with score that is 4 times higher than mine. WoW!

Would give this a easy 5* easily but only downfall is when you choose one of power ups and you open the box and and the box is open then you get chance to double you win if you watch a advert but not one time as the advert work ,it the same while playing the game sometimes here the adverts work and others dont ,but i will be honest i cant afford to use money on games and it a great way to relax before bed ,so adverts are the best way to make it last longer thanks

Good bit of fun ,bit too easy not sure if it will step up a bit. I may get bored if it doesn’t challenge me more soon . The adverts always seem more complex and lure me in . Like I said I get bored easily if they don’t.

It’s a great game to play whenever you’re bored. It helps also helps learn your thinking skills and spellings. I think that the game is very good and helpful. It is great!!!!!!!! I think that you should play it to help learn spellings. PLEASE PLAY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game was fun until the ads started being 30 seconds long, after EVERY level. I don’t mind the 5 second ads or a 30 second ad after like 5 levels. There’s also constant ads at the bottom of the game. It ruins the game.

The game was great for a long time … Now every time I try to play, a banner appears that states Cloud Activity Detected. I have to reboot my phone in order to play … Which doesn’t do any good because after a few seconds the banner pops up again. I downloaded the games update, But it accomplished nothing.

Great game to pass the time. Fun not to time consuming and not to heavy on ads as well. It’s really fun to enjoy a game without stopping every five seconds.

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